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December 30, 2019

J J Lin’s Performances in [Sound of My Dream] 林俊傑《夢想的聲音》全三季合輯

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0:00:10 01_輸了你贏了世界又如何《原唱:優客李林 What’s the Point of Losing You But Winning This World – Ukulele ( 1994)》
0:04:49 02_除了愛你還能愛誰《原唱:動力火車 Who Else to Love But You – Power Station (1997)》
0:09:44 03_愛要怎麼說出口《原唱:趙傳 How to Say Love Out Loud – Chief Chao (1993)》
0:13:40 04_雪落下的聲音《原唱:陸虎 The Sound of Falling Snow – L.T. (2018)》
0:18:40 05_不能說的秘密《原唱:周杰倫 Secret – Jay Chou (2007)》
0:24:19 06_我們的愛《原唱:F.I.R. 飛兒樂團 Our Love – F.I.R. (Fairyland in Reality) (2004)》
0:30:06 07_忘了你忘了我《原唱:王傑 Forget You Forget Me – Dave Wong (1988)》
0:34:23 08_匆匆那年《原唱:王菲 That Fleeting Year – Faye Wong (2014)》
0:38:45 09_鳳凰於飛《原唱:劉歡 The Flying Phoenixes – Huan Liu (2012)》
0:44:20 10_我懷念的《原唱:孫燕姿 What I Miss (About You) – Stefanie Sun (2007)》
0:49:28 11_領悟《原唱:辛曉琪 Realization – Winnie Hsin (1994)》
0:55:08 12_崇拜《原唱:梁靜茹 J’Adore (Adoration) – Fish Leong (2007)》
0:59:51 13_末班車《原唱:蕭煌奇 Last Train – Ricky Hsiao (2011)》
1:03:41 14_愛你《原唱:陳芳語 Loving You – Kimberley Chen (2012)》
1:07:23 15_知足《原唱:五月天 Contentment – Mayday (2005)》
1:12:13 16_我們《原唱:陳奕迅 Us – Eason Chan (2018)》
1:17:39 17_江南《原唱:林俊傑 Jiangnan (South of The Yangzi River) – JJ Lin (2004)》 – duet with Sandy Lam
1:23:01 18_至少還有你《原唱:林憶蓮 At Least I Have You – Sandy Lam (2000)》
1:27:39 19_你是我的唯一《原唱:巫啟賢 You Are My One and Only – Eric Moo (1988)》
1:32:30 20_獨角戲《原唱:許茹芸 One-Man Show – Valen Hsu (1996)》
1:37:53 21_Lemon Tree《原唱:蘇慧倫 Lemon Tree – Tarcy Su (1996), cover of Lemon Tree by Fool’s Garden (1995)》
1:42:27 22_愛《原唱:莫文蔚 Love – Karen Mok (2002)》
1:46:35 23_女兒情《原唱:吳靜 Maiden’s Love – Jing Wu (1986)》
1:46:35 23_+ 菊花台《原唱:周杰倫 Chrysanthemum Terrace – Jay Chou (2006)》
1:51:24 24_像我這樣的人《原唱:毛不易 Someone Like Me – Buyi Mao (2017)》
1:56:33 25_我們的時光《原唱:TFBOYS Our Times – TFBoys (The Fighting Boys) (2017)》
2:01:38 26_打錯了《原唱:王菲 Wrong Number – Faye Wong (2001)》
2:05:11 27_小瓶子《原唱:林俊傑 Message in A Bottle – JJ Lin (2017)》
2:09:22 28_愛情多惱河《原唱:熊天平 Love’s like Danube River – Panda Hsiung (1997)》
2:13:52 29_進階《原唱:林俊傑 Resurgence – JJ Lin (2018)》
2:17:23 30_精舞門《原唱:羅志祥 Dance Gate – Show Lo (2006)》
2:22:05 31_小情歌《原唱:蘇打綠 Little Love Song – Sodagreen (2006)》
2:26:49 32_愛的初體驗《原唱:張震嶽 First Taste of Love – A-Yue (Ayal Komod) (1997)》
2:31:01 33_追風箏的孩子《原唱:羽泉 The Kite Runner – Yu Quan (2014)》

The year is almost over! Happy New Year to everyone, and may all your wishes come true, have a safe and wonderful new year!

I have been listening to this compilation of all of J J Lin’s performances from the reality singing show from China called Sound of My Dream (夢想的聲音). This compilation is two and half hours long with 33 songs in all! J J was a “mentor” on the show for 3 seasons from November 2016 to January 2019, I think there were 12 episodes each season. I say “mentor” because that’s what the show called him by (there were usually 4 – 5 “mentors” in each episode), even though he was not really mentoring the contestants (I think they meant “mentoring” as in showing the contestants how a seasoned artist arranges and performs an unfamiliar song by another artist in a limited time given), but instead had to sing-off against the contestants if the contestants challenged him to a sing-off in order to advance to the next round. That’s why there were so many performances by him on the show. In the show, after a contestant chose him to have a sing-off, he would be given a few song choices, usually a choice of 4 songs, to sing predetermined by the producers (he was not allowed to sing his own songs, so almost all of the songs here are covers, except a few that were special performances of his own songs), and the contestant (or anyone in the auditorium depending on each episode) would choose one of the 4 song choices that J J had to sing. Then he’s given a few hours (I’ve only seen season 3, and the time given to prepare was 3 hours) to come up with a new arrangement of the song and performed it against the contestant, who had to sing one of J J’s song which the contestant had prepared in advance days before the episode.

J J is so good in live performances that he has the nickname, Walking CD. In all 3 seasons, I think only 3 contestants managed to out-sing him, so he was lovingly dubbed Dream-Wrecker online by his fans!

In fact, the song I posted previously, The Wind Rises, was supposed to be his performance at the finale episode of season 3 in January 2019 earlier this year, but the producers did not get the copyrights to the song, so that performance was cut from the episode when it was broadcast. There were a lot of discussions online about the non-appearance of the song following the episode, and J J finally bought the rights to that song himself in order to please his fans, and did indeed perform the song in his concerts later.

In the list above for all the songs in the video, I have tried to note the time where each song starts, so that makes it easier to find a particular song in the video. I have also found out the original artist for each song, the year the original song was released and the English translation of each song title. Then I just pretend I am listening to a concert by J J, haha…

Footnote: Since most of the songs here are covers, here’s an article from SBS TV/Radio network here in Australia featuring 15 of J J Lin’s songs.
15 songs to make you a JJ Lin’s fan

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