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April 17, 2017

Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield 7 (2017)

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Series 7 of Everyday Gourmet starts today, Monday, April 17, 2017.

Episode 1, Monday, April 17, 2017:
Beef Massaman Curry
Pork Chops with Easy Tomato & Chickpea Sauce
Salted Caramel Self-Saucing Pudding
Sushi Wraps

Episode 2, Tuesday, April 18, 2017:
Kangaroo with Blueberry and Rhubarb Sauce
Feta and Dill Filo Boats
Chicken Tikka Naan
Spiced Tomato Chutney

Episode 3, Wednesday, April 19, 2017:
Nasi Goreng
Prawn Cocktail
Roast Chicken with Sage and Lemon (Tobie Puttock)

Episode 4, Thursday, April 20, 2017:
Soy, Beer and Honey Pork Ribs
Easy Strawberry Teacake
Linguine Pescatore (Johnny Di Francesco)

Episode 5, Friday, April 21, 2017:
Potato and Chorizo Frittata
Panfried Salmon with Vietnamese Sauce
White Chocolate and Coconut Mousse with Matcha (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 6, Monday, April 24, 2017:
Beef and Noodle Salad
Prawns Wrapped in Proscuitto
Middle Eastern Fried Tomato Rice
Avocado Gazpacho

Episode 7, Tuesday, April 25, 2017:
Pumpkin Scones
Chicken Bulgogi
Cauliflower Pizza with Eggplant and Mozzarella (Tobie Puttock)

Episode 8, Wednesday, April 26, 2017:
Sizzling Beef with Green Salsa
Pancetta, Pea and Cream Pasta
Chocolate Gingerbread Slice (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 9, Thursday, April 27, 2017:
Sweet Potato Gratin
Salmon and Pancetta Skewers
Lemon Delicious

Episode 10, Friday, April 28, 2017:
Creamed Corn Soup
Watermelon, Semi-dried Olive & Pine Nut Salad
Almond Milk Chocolate Mousse
San Choi Bao (Matt Sinclair)

Episode 11, Monday, May 1, 2017:
Easy Turmeric Chicken
Overnight Breakfast Oatmeal
Soft Polenta with Sautéed Mushrooms
Dried Fig, Almond and White Chocolate Cookies

Episode 12, Tuesday, May 2, 2017:
Honey Sesame Chicken
Berry Pudding
Spaghetti Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (Johnny Di Francesco)

Episode 13, Wednesday, May 3, 2017:
Caramelised Zucchini and Speck Flan
Crispy Tortilla Bites
Cumin Lamb and Noodle Stir-fry
Soy Milk Chai Jelly Pots

Episode 14, Thursday, May 4, 2017:
Buffalo-Style Cauliflower
Spaghetti with Crab & Fennel Sauce
Lamb with Parsley and Prune Salad
Pear & Choc Chip Pecan Crumble Cake (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 15, Friday, May 5, 2017:
Pork Hakka Noodles
Seafood Cassoulet
Flambéed Apple and Prune Tart

Episode 16, Monday, May 8, 2017:
BBQ Scallops with Sake Butter Sauce
Coconut and Curry Squash Soup
Breakfast Salad Wrap Bowl
Kotopita (Chicken Pie)

Episode 17, Tuesday, May 9, 2017:
Italian Chopped Salad
Kingfish Cru with Strawberry Salsa
Peri Peri chicken
Chocolate Melting Moments (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 18, Wednesday, May 10, 2017:
Mexican-Style Scrambled Eggs Nachos
Spanish Mussels and Clams
Mushroom and Leek Soup (Tobie Puttock)

Episode 19, Thursday, May 11, 2017:
Dried Fruit and Cinnamon Scrolls
Poached Peaches with Raspberry Coulis
Cheeseburgers with Homemade Ketchup (Matt Sinclair)

Episode 20, Friday, May 12, 2017:
Braised Oxtail
Marinated Mushroom Tacos
Lavosh Style Crackers

Episode 21, Monday, May 15, 2017:
Quinoa Porridge with Stewed Strawberries
Japanese Chicken & Mushroom Stir-Fry
Capricciosa Crostata

Episode 22, Tuesday, May 16, 2017:
Salt Baked Snapper
Fattoush Salad with Naan Bread
Raw Brussel Sprout Salad
Ricotta Hotcake (Matt Sinclair)

Episode 23, Wednesday, May 17, 2017:
Pumpkin and Ricotta Fillo Pie
Chicken Braised in Buttermilk
Peanut Butter Choc Chip Marble Cake (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 24, Thursday, May 18, 2017:
Baked Eggplant with Prosciutto and Hazelnuts
Saganaki with Blistered Blueberry
Corn Chip Coated Hash Browns
Fresh Fettuccine with Crab Bisque (Laura Cassai)

Episode 25, Friday, May 19, 2017:
Provençal Potato Gratin
Mini Lemon Curd Fillo Tartlets
Farsumagru (Joe Vargetto)

Episode 26, Monday, May 22, 2017:
Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding
Celeriac and Almond Milk Risotto
Sticky Chicken Wings (Matt Sinclair)

Episode 27, Tuesday, May 23, 2017:
Grilled Barramundi with Sherry Cream
Lotus Root Chips with Wasabi Mayonnaise
Berry Semifreddo

Episode 28, Wednesday, May 24, 2017:
Mussels and Noodles in a Light Coconut Broth
Za’atar Chicken
Choc Coconut Muffins (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 29, Thursday, May 25, 2017:
Prawn, Prosciutto & Crostini Skewers
Chocolate Ricotta Fillo Cigars
Pulse Pasta Frittata with Kale & Goats Cheese (Laura Cassai)

Episode 30, Friday, May 26, 2017:
The Perfect Pesto
Mini Pavlovas with Whipped Cream & Berries
Grilled Flat Iron of Beef, Celery, Blue Cheese Dressing (Alastair McLeod)

Episode 31, Monday, May 29, 2017:
Carrot, Walnut and Dried Fruit Cake
Prawn Wontons
Cacio e Pepe (Laura Cassai)

Episode 32, Tuesday, May 30, 2017:
Black Bean Pork and Kalettes Stirfry
Oysters in Kataifi with Chilli Jam
Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets
Ginger and Chocolate Truffles (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 33, Wednesday, May 31, 2017:
Beef Cobbler
Prawn and Vegetable Tempura
Healthy Chocolate, Coconut and Cherry Balls

Episode 34, Thursday, June 1, 2017:
Pot Roasted Pork with Prunes and Potatoes
Jo’s Rum and Raisin Brownies
Tuna Tataki with Wakame Salad

Episode 35, Friday, June 2, 2017:
Braised Brussels & Kalettes with Speck and Poached Eggs
Turkish Carrot Dip
Chicken with Verjuice, Mushrooms and Leek (Alastair McLeod)

Episode 36, Monday, June 5, 2017:
Baked Vegetarian Loaf
Gran’s Dried Fruit Cake
Swordfish with Sicilian Style Salad & Blood Orange Dressing (Joe Vargetto)

Episode 37, Tuesday, June 6, 2017:
Madras Fish Curry
Twice Baked Blue Cheese Soufflé
Baked Pear and Almond Tart (Robert Coco)

Episode 38, Wednesday, June 7, 2017:
Ricotta and Spinach Crepe Cannelloni
Matcha Panna Cotta
Ocean Trout with Jalapeño Cream

Episode 39, Thursday, June 8, 2017:
Pork Burgers
Salmon Brandade with Irish Soda Bread (Alastair McLeod)
Chocolate Coconut Bread Biscuits (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 40, Friday, June 9, 2017:
Scallops in Crispy Filo with Beurre Blanc
Farro Salad with Dried Fruit and Nuts
Spaghetti with Pork Sausage Ragu (Laura Cassai)

Episode 41, Monday, June 12, 2017:
Roasted Miso Brussel Sprouts
Frozen Berry Bowl
Spice Crusted King Prawns, Tomato Compote, Basil Oil (Alastair McLeod)

Episode 42, Tuesday, June 13, 2017:
Chargrilled Coriander Octopus
Morello Cherry and Custard Strudel
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli with Pumpkin (Laura Cassai)

Episode 43, Wednesday, June 14, 2017:
Chinese-style Lamb Cutlets
Fried Onion and Salmon Omelette
Chicken and Vegetable Strudel with Tomato Relish (Robert Coco)

Episode 44, Thursday, June 15, 2017:
Creamy Tuna Mornay with a Crunchy Rosemary Crust
Lamb in Red Wine
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 45, Friday, June 16, 2017:
Japanese Citrus and Avocado Salad
Lemon Chicken with Roasted Potatoes & Red Brussels Sprouts
Sicilian Stuffed Squid (Joe Vargetto)

Episode 46, Monday, June 19, 2017:
Fish Pie with Creamy Mash
Beetroot and Raspberry Salad
Choc Banana Icy Poles
Red Pesto with Wholemeal Spaghetti (Laura Cassai)

Episode 47, Tuesday, June 20, 2017:
Japanese Pork Stew
Fish and Kalettes Poached en Papillote
Pistachio Kulfi (Sarah Todd)

Episode 48, Wednesday, June 21, 2017:
Cheat’s Ramen
Pickled Vegetables
Apple and White Chocolate Upside Down Cake (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 49, Thursday, June 22, 2017:
Braised Butter Beans with Poached Eggs and Salsa Verde
Caramel Mud Cake
Bauple Crusted Pork Fillet, Tarator, Apple Syrup (Alastair McLeod)

Episode 50, Friday, June 23, 2017:
Roasted Pork Belly with Fennel Puree
Escabeche of Sardines
Harissa Carrots with Hummus

Episode 51, Monday, June 26, 2017:
Pork Cutlets with Radicchio and Blueberries
Leek and Mushroom Pie
Kheema Lettuce Cups (Sarah Todd)

Episode 52, Tuesday, June 27, 2017:
Chow Mein with Squid & Lap Cheong
Sopaipillas – Chilean Fritters
Pulled Pork and Crunchy Apple Slaw Taco (Lorena Lys)

Episode 53, Wednesday, June 28, 2017:
Trout Chan Chan Yaki
Simple Leg of Lamb
Frankie Rolls (Sarah Todd)

Episode 54, Thursday, June 29, 2017:
Roast Beef with Glazed Shallots
Quick n Easy Lasagna (Adam Swanson)
Oreo Two-O-Misu (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 55, Friday, June 30, 2017:
Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse
Roasted Red Cabbage with Bacon and Caraway
Tunisian Fish Tagine (Pedro Damergi)

Episode 56, Monday, July 3, 2017:
Portuguese Beef Stew (Alcatra)
Honey Baked Pears with White Chocolate Saffron Sauce (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 57, Tuesday, July 4, 2017:
Seafood Salad
Braised Chicken Wings with Snake Beans
Fillo Custard Rhubarb Bake (Kirsten Tibballs)

Episode 58, Wednesday, July 5, 2017:
Haloumi and Citrus Salad
Carrot, Fennel Risotto with Labneh Dumplings (Adam Swanson)
White Chocolate & Raspberry Baklava (Philip Vakos)

Episode 59, Thursday, July 6, 2017:
Shredded Chicken & Cabbage Salad with Sesame Dressing
Boscaiola Eggs Cocotte
Grilled Sirloin with Café de Paris Butter (Guillaume Brahimi)

Episode 60, Friday, July 7, 2017:
Beetroot and Walnut Bruschetta
Snapper in Bark
Spelt Spirals with Cabbage and Potato (Adam Swanson)

Episode 61, Monday, July 10, 2017:
Prawns in XO Sauce
Pot Braised Chicken
Pappardelle with Pork Ragu (Adam Swanson)

Episode 62, Tuesday, July 11, 2017:
Lobster Yakisoba
Easy Gozleme
Meringue Cream Cake (Kirsten Tibballs)

Episode 63, Wednesday, July 12, 2017:
Blue Eyed Cod with Chorizo and Clams
Pressure Cooker Hainanese Chicken Rice
Strawberry Tart (Francoise Schofield)

Episode 64, Thursday, July 13, 2017:
Seared Pepperberry Kangaroo with Couscous Salad
Pasta Spirals with Vodka Sauce
Kleftiko (Philip Vakos)

Episode 65, Friday, July 14, 2017:
Steak in Sake Apple Sauce (Yakiniku)
Carrot Cake Slice with Cream Cheese Topping
Coq Au Vin (Guillaume Brahimi)

Episode 66, Monday, July 17, 2017:
Thai Red Curry with Squid and Sweet Potato
Matcha Crepes with Red Bean Paste
Ox Tripe Provençale (Francoise Schofield)

Episode 67, Tuesday, July 18, 2017:
Decadent Duck Ragu
Cottage Cheese Pikelets
Prawns with Nam Jim Dressing (Damien Styles)

Episode 68, Wednesday, July 19, 2017:
Poached John Dory with Herbed Aioli
Warm Cauliflower, Tuna & Couscous Salad
Tunisian Doughnut (Pedro Damergi)

Episode 69, Thursday, July 20, 2017:
Olive Oil Biscuits
Brussels Sprouts Bubble and Squeak
Seafood Chowder in Sourdough Cob (Colin Magee)

Episode 70, Friday, July 21, 2017:
Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs with Pearl Couscous
Grilled Mango Cheeks
Thai Coconut Beef Curry (Lorena Lys)

Episode 71, Monday, July 24, 2017:
Peanut Butter Spiced Granola
Miso Blue-Eye Trevalla & Eggplant Bake with Cucumber Salad
Honey, Soy and Pineapple Turkey Legs (Lorena Lys)

Episode 72, Tuesday, July 25, 2017:
Chicken, Chorizo & Olive Tray Bake
Creamed Miso Tofu with Melon
Bacon & Pumpkin Tart
Baby Carrots & Zucchini with Tarragon Dressing (Daniel Wilson)

Episode 73, Wednesday, July 26, 2017:
Fish Burgers
Caesar Salad with Pangrattato
Spicy Eggplant Pulse Penne (Adam Swanson)

Episode 74, Thursday, July 27, 2017:
Mussels in Sauerkraut
Vegetarian Moussaka (Philip Vakos)
Chocolate Olive Oil Torte (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 75, Friday, July 28, 2017:
Braised Leeks
Homemade Apricot Jam
Lamb Barbacoa Tacos with Charred Corn Salsa

Episode 76, Monday, July 31, 2017:
One Pot Lamb and Peas
Eggs with Cheese & Relish Dippers
Chocolate Parcels (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 77, Tuesday, August 1, 2017:
Green Bean & Almond Salad
Spinach & Ricotta Dumplings
Korean Beef Skewers (Lorena Lys)

Episode 78, Wednesday, August 2, 2017:
Pork & Tofu Gyoza
Kalette Soup
Lamb Burger with Mint Yoghurt & Pickled Cucumber (Daniel Wilson)

Episode 79, Thursday, August 3, 2017:
Korean-Style Raw Tuna Canapes
Roasted Pork Sliders with Celeriac & Apple Slaw (Colin Magee)
Caramel Banana Custard Pie (Lorena Lys)

Episode 80, Friday, August 4, 2017:
Veal Stew
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Chocolate Sour Cream Cake (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 81, Monday, August 7, 2017:
Sausage & Egg Rolls with Homemade Brown Sauce
Pork & Prawn Sugarcane Skewers (Chao Tom)
Steamed Cod in Soy & Ginger Broth (Lorena Lys)

Episode 82, Tuesday, August 8, 2017:
Potato Rosti
Peppered Steak Burger with Horseradish Cream (Daniel Wilson)
Double Chocolate Brownies (Trish McKenzie)

Episode 83, Wednesday, August 9, 2017:
Pea and Ham Soup
Tuna Tataki
Raspberry Cream Tart (Kirsten Tibballs)

Episode 84, Thursday, August 10, 2017:
Panettone Bread & Butter Pudding
Chocolate Peanut Pots (Trish McKenzie)
Thai Style Whole Fried Fish (Colin Magee)

Episode 85, Friday, August 11, 2017:
Linguine with Green Olive Sauce
Smokey Eggplant & Cocoa Dip
Hazelnut Meringue & Espresso Cream (Lorena Lys)

Episode 86, Monday, August 14, 2017:
Roasted Broccoli Steaks
Shaking Beef Salad
Casarecce with Green Tomatoes, Chilli & Pecorino (Adam Swanson)

Episode 87, Tuesday, August 15, 2017:
Katsu Chicken Sandwich
Grilled Quail with Tahini Yoghurt
Steamed Salmon with Confit Leek & Smoked Salmon (Guillaume Brahimi)

Episode 88, Wednesday, August 16, 2017:
Meatloaf in Smoky Tomato Sauce
Asian Greens Noodle Stirfry
Moroccan Chicken and Chickpea Salad (Lorena Lys)

Episode 89, Thursday, August 17, 2017:
Layered Trout & Salmon Dip
Kataifi Cones (Philip Vakos)

Episode 90, Friday, August 18, 2017:
Butter Chicken
Leek and Blue Cheese Mini Scrolls
Chocolate Coconut and Raspberry Slice (Trish McKenzie)

Christmas Episode, Tuesday, December 12, 2017:
Ham Hock Croquette, Smoked Kewpie, Spicy Vanilla Pineapple Chutney (George Calombaris)
French-style Glazed Christmas Ham (Justine Schofield)
BBQ Brussels Sprout Skewers with Almond Miso Butter (Matt Preston)
Tomato and Herb Salad with Goats Cheese (Matt Preston)
Sour Cream and Cucumber Salad (Matt Preston)
Vietnamese Salad of Turkey, Prawn, Coconut and Beans (Adam D’Sylva)
Chicken Skin Crackers with Salmon Pate and Sour Cherries (Sara Oteri)
Lobster Roll with Singapore Chilli Crab Sauce (Diana Chan)

Christmas Affogato with Spiced Ice Cream (Justine Schofield)
Christmas Tree (Kirsten Tibballs)

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