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September 1, 2016

Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia (2016)

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Luke Nguyen's Street Food Asia

A new series from Luke Nguyen starts tonight, Thursday September 1, 2016, on SBS at 8:30pm. In this new 8-part series, Street Food Asia, Luke embarks on a culinary exploration of the wonderful street food scene of Asia and uncovers unusual secret eats. He will explore the streets of Saigon (Vietnam), Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Jakarta (Indonesia), seeking out the interesting, diverse, and complex varieties of street food and secret eateries on offer, from small restaurants to roaming street food carts.


Ep 1, September 1, 2016 – Saigon, Vietnam
Crispy skin chicken with red rice (com ga chien don)
Wok-tossed rice noodles with char siu and egg (hu tieu xao xa xiu)
Vietnamese baguette with fried fish cakes (banh mi cha ca)

Ep 2, September 8, 2016 – Saigon, Vietnam
Seafood hotpot (lau do bien)
Blue swimmer crab and tomato vermicelli noodle soup (bun rieu)

Ep 3, September 15, 2016 – Bangkok, Thailand
Whole fish covered in salt and chargrilled
Chargrilled squid salad (pla muek yang)
Glass noodle seafood salad (yum woon sen)

Ep 4, September 22, 2016 – Bangkok, Thailand
Oxtail soup (soup hang wuao)
Chicken noodle curry (khao soi)

Ep 5, September 29, 2016 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nasi lemak
Dry wonton noodles with char siu and choy sum (wantan mee)

Ep 6, October 20, 2016 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Egg tart
Vegetables stuffed with fish paste (yong tau foo)
Indian rojak

Ep 7, October 27, 2016 – Jakarta, Indonesia
Silken tofu with ginger syrup (tahwa)
Stir-fried chicken and snake beans with chilli relish
Betawi beef rib soup with vermicelli noodles (soto mi tangkar betawi)

Ep 8, November 3, 2016 – Jakarta, Indonesia
Mutton fried rice (nasi goreng kambing)
Sea bass grilled in banana leaves

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