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November 15, 2015

Wontons 餛飩 / 雲吞

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The ultra delicious Malaysian Dry-Tossed Wonton Noodle (Wantan Mee).

Every once in a while, I would be hankering for a comforting hot bowl of wonton soup, especially when weather is cold. Although we can now buy pre-packaged wontons in the freezer section of the Asian groceries or supermarkets easily nowadays, home made ones are still way better as we know exactly what we put into the fillings and we can also adjust the fillings to our taste.
Making wontons at home are not difficult at all, and we can always make a big batch in one go and freeze them for later. The filling used can be as basic as just minced pork, or more elaborate by adding prawns, mushrooms, water chestnuts (or bamboo shoots) for a little crunch, spring onions, and dried shrimps. Next of course is wrapping, and it can be as simple as money-bag shapes by just bunching up the edges, or as I prefer to do which I learnt when I was young, the Chinese-gold-ingot shapes (see photos below). They are also many other wrapping techniques from different regions in China which you can easily learn online. So give it a go if you have never make wontons before.

wonton wrapping technique - ingot shape

wonton filling

My usual wonton filling: minced pork, prawns, mushrooms & spring onions.

wonton filling

Wonton filling ready for wrapping.


All ready for freezing or boiling.

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