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March 19, 2015

Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club 3 – Friday Night Feast 2

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Channel 10 is showing series 2 of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast tonight at 7:30pm. It is quite confusing as this is also the third instalment of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club, I don’t know why a series has two different names!
Anyway, I have lost interest in Jamie’s TV series as we can’t really get most of the recipes from his shows any more. In the UK, he has restricted most of the recipes for about two weeks after the broadcast there, I think, and then deleted, leaving only about one recipe per episode online for free. As we get the series in delay about two months behind the UK, guess what, too late to get most of the recipes, so what’s the point of watching and if there’s a dish you want to try but NO recipe? It felt like the show is more about an hour long advertisement for his cookbook rather than a cooking show where you can try out the recipes. Well, I’m not prepared to get another cookbook, as it is I already have too many cookbooks, for only one or two recipes that I may want. Channel 10 also have no idea about cooking shows, why can’t they get permission from Jamie and publish recipes related to each episode on their website as they go to air here, even if they publish them for a short period, like in the UK, and then delete them after, that would entice more viewers to watch…

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