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February 3, 2015

My Kitchen Rules 6 (2015)

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Well, well, well, I just did not get any buzz out of My Kitchen Rules this year. Maybe it is because I did not watch a lot of shows on Channel 7, not even the tennis, over the summer, so thank goodness, was not being bombarded by the promos the last couple of months. The only promos I can recall seeing are the nice ones about the Texan cowboy, Thor’s cousin and the deaf girl, and not any from the nasty mean couples this year.
Even up to last night season 6 premiere of MKR, I was still undecided whether to watch more of Marcia Brady’s meltdown on the second episode of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, or MKR. Hahaha, in the final minute, the “cooking/uncooking” won over C-D-E-list celebrities sitting around doing nothing in an empty campsite…
Not surprisingly, the holier-than-thou attitude has reared its ugly head instantly, the hoity-toity big-hair Ash was already getting up my nose in the first episode, and the ACT’s mother and daughter team not far behind. They are surely being built up for a big fall, as per usual on MKR. On the other hand, already liking the Texan cowboy with his hilarious one-liner. Also the blue cheese thing, I can just see the sneaky producers telling the team that they needed something to jazz up their simple crumbles behind-the-scene. Can’t believe the team still falling for that old trick! Even after the visit from Manu in the kitchen, they still did not get the big hint from him. Classic! Maybe the buzz is starting to come back, LOL.


mkr6 group 1 contestants

Ep 1, Monday, February 2, 2015“Everybody here sounded like a bunch of horses eating oats…”
Stack (Jac and Shaz, QLD Group 1)
Zucchini and Potato Rosti Stack with Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche (Jac and Shaz)
Rack of Lamb with Crushed Potatoes and Lemon Green Beans (Jac and Shaz)
Pear and Walnut Crumble with Pear Wafers (Jac and Shaz)
Score: 59/110

Ep 2, Tuesday, February 3, 2015A Lilliputian Evening, with a Special Appearance from The Turkey Whisperer
Fin & Tonic (Kat and Andre, WA Group 1)
Smoked Cod with Crunchy Mash, Cabbage and Leek (Kat and Andre)
Crayfish Ravioli with Roasted Tomato Sauce (Kat and Andre)
Chocolate Tart with Raspberries and Cream (Kat and Andre)
Score: 58/110

Hell yeah! My Kitchen Rules’ Robert Murphy is ‘for real’ a Texan star

Ep 3, Wednesday, February 4, 2015Yee-Haw! First 2 perfect scores this season!
Tejas (Robert and Lynzey, NSW Group 1)
Quail Legs with Ranch Dressing (Robert and Lynzey)
Peppered Beef with Texas Green Beans and BBQ Corn with Garlic Butter (Robert and Lynzey)
Bourbon Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream (Robert and Lynzey)
Score: 90/110

Ep 4, Sunday, February 8, 2015An Unfrenchly Night with the First Strategic Scoring and Marionette was Made to Cry by Catty Kat
Dans la Maison (Ash and Camilla, VIC Group 1)
Steak Tartare with Quail Egg and Crostoli (Ash and Camilla)
Bouillabaisse with Rouille and Baguette (Ash and Camilla)
Fondant au Chocolat with Hazelnut Ice-Cream (Ash and Camilla)
Score: 68/110

Channels battle it out in trash TV ratings

Ep 5, Monday, February 9, 2015Medieval Theme Meets Indian Fusion Food in a Confusing Marionette Play
Mystic Hollow (Annie and Lloyd, SA Group 1)
Beef Madras Coconut Buns with Yoghurt Dipping Sauce (Annie and Lloyd)
Sea Bream Baked in Parchment with Saffron Rice (Annie and Lloyd)
Rosewater Mousse with Almond Tuile and Crystallised Petals (Annie and Lloyd)
Score: 45/110

Ep 6, Tuesday, February 10, 2015A Night of Hilarious Cooking Misadventure
Aquazure (Gina and Anna, ACT Group 1)
Salt and Pepper Flathead Fillets with Lime Aioli (Gina and Anna)
Rotolo of Gnocchi & Duck Ragu with Crispy Sage (Gina and Anna)
Duck Ragu with Pasta and Crispy Sage (Gina and Anna)
Crème Pâtissière Tarts with Prunes in Port Syrup (Gina and Anna)
Score: 40/110

Eliminated from Group 1: Gina and Anna, ACT Group 1


Ep 7, Wednesday, February 11, 2015We’ve A Cowboy, A Poodle, & A Marionette, Now Here Comes Thor…
Finders Keepers (Sheri and Emilie, QLD Group 2)
Fish Tortillas (Sheri and Emilie)
Pork Belly with Horseradish Mash and Mum’s Essential Greens (Sheri and Emilie)
Dunking Doughnuts (Sheri and Emilie)
Score: 63/110

After 6 years, I’m amazed that the contestants still do not understand the concept of cooking for the customers, not what they themselves like to eat… However that said, this second group of contestants looked more likeable than the first group and hopefully also better cooks than the first group.

‘Mumbling’ Manu Feildel infuriated MKR’s first deaf contestant Emilie

And this sounds disgusting, LOL – MKR: Vote for one of seven fusion foods to be made by Colin Fassnidge

Ep 8, Thursday, February 12, 2015Over-Spice Queens, or Under-Spice Queens?
Spice Market (Eva and Debra, WA Group 2)
Pork and Spinach Wontons in Ginger Broth (Eva and Debra)
Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken (Eva and Debra)
Pandan Crème Brûlée (Eva and Debra)
Score: 46/110

Lordy, how much ginger did they put in the broth, overkill to the max!
Did my eyes deceive me? Those were NOT kangkong, look like plain old choysum to me!!!!!!! Asians who can’t even recognise choysum? What the…
The ikan bilis also did not look crispy at all… We usually rinse the salt off the ikan bilis, dry them then deep-fry, so they are not overly salty. Oh, childhood memories of having to remove those tiny heads and innards of the ikan bilis, one of the most hated jobs of my childhood as well as another tedious job of plucking roots off bean shoots, LOL. Anyway, they should have done the ikan bilis with peanuts which would not be as offensive to those who don’t like anchovies.
Poor Emilie, having to lip read everybody’s conversation.
LOL, they did smash it, … to smithereens!

LOL, now looking at the recipe, it said 10cm-piece of ginger (let’s just say about a big full piece) for the broth for 4 servings. Now to serve 12 that would be about 3 big full pieces of ginger. And how much did they put in, 20 full pieces!

The secret round? They said there will be more instant restaurant rounds this year, so could it be another 6 teams competing to be the gatecrashers?

Ep 9, Sunday, February 15, 2015Is There An Ace, or A Fault Tonight?
40 : Love (Carol and Adam, NSW Group 2)
Lobster Rice Paper Rolls with Sesame Lime Sauce (Carol and Adam)
Stir-Fried Prawns in XO Sauce (Carol and Adam)
Baked Raspberry Ripple Cheesecake (Carol and Adam)
Score: 77/110

Oh, no, forgot raspberries in the cheesecake…
Microwave, microwave! Should have softened the cold cream cheese in the microwave.
LOL, 5 x 12 = 60, bought 70 prawns, short by 2 in the end, that means Adam taste tested 12 prawns while cooking, hahahahahahahaha… He must be starving, not having any time to eat since breakfast…

Ep 10, Monday, February 16, 2015Thor Cooks! Or rather, Can’t Cook!
Salt & Soil (Matt and Rob, VIC Group 2)
Oysters Three Ways (Matt and Rob)
Prosciutto Wrapped Quail with Kale, Orange and Walnut Salad (Matt and Rob)
Homemade Brownie with Strawberries and Cream (Matt and Rob)
Score: 45/110

The way they kept yapping on about broken shell bits in the oysters, expect someone to get some broken shells!
LOL, someone is drunk and singing…
Oh no, not looking good for the boys, with their worries about broken shells, they washed the oysters under tap water and Manu said they washed half the flavour away. Now they have to cook quails which they have never cooked before.
Hahaha, Adam is “The Hoff”!
Another inexperienced team who didn’t buy extra ingredients for taste testing! Yesterday Adam bought so much extra he had a feast.
Thumbs down for the main, they were slammed by the judges!
Now having troubles with the brownies… Should have given the gooey bits to the judges instead of the dryer corner bits, LOL!
LOL, this season is becoming My Kitchen Doesn’t Rule! So many scores in the 40s/50s, and only two teams out of 10 so far scored above 70 points, LOL. I remember last couple of years the MKR promos always mentioned “best home cooks or cooking”, or something like that, but this year cannot remember they even mentioned “home cooks/cooking” at all, now I understand why.
Maybe Channel 10 could consider a new show called “I’ve Never Stepped Into A Kitchen, Get Me To Cook On TV!”, it will rate its head off compared to any of its current lineup. LOL.

MKR producers are casting from The Amazing Race Australia rejects, last year’s gatecrashers, Carly and Tresne were approached by MKR producers after their failed application to go on TARA. Now it seems they have done it again with Matt and Rob, no wonder they have crappy cooking skills…

Ep 11, Tuesday, February 17, 2015Flamenco, anyone?

Mi Cocina (Rose and Josh, VIC Group 2)
Chorizo Stuffed Calamari with Tomato and Garlic Sauce (Rose and Josh)
Paella (Rose and Josh)
Apple and Cinnamon Empanadas with Chocolate Sauce (Rose and Josh)
Score: 66/110

LOL, disappointed to hear they pronounced “paella” the Aussie way, not the Spanish way…
Did Manu just call Rose “mum”? Hahaha, in the promo for Manu’s new series of My France, his mum looks like Rose too, LOL.
Noooo, too much stock in the paella. Quick, tip some out!!!!! DON’T leave it in there…
LOL, paella looks soggy! Don’t see any crust.
Oh, why do they have to do fancy thing to good old traditional dish and destroy it?????????
LOL, love the way they use toy bin lid to use as cutter for the empanadas dough.
Now a dancing competition, didn’t see that one coming! Thor (strictly Matt) wins, even more surprising, LMAO.
Apple empanadas looks delicious! I want some.
Oh, no, pastry undercooked!
I think the other teams scored more for an entertaining night rather than the food, LOL.

Spoiler: (select text below to see spoiler)
Looks like Matt and Rob are eliminated from group 2, in the promo for tomorrow for the announcement of the secret round, guess who are standing behind Ash and Camilla?

Ep 12, Wednesday, February 18, 2015Will They Rise Like Sparta or Sink Like The Poseidon?
καλή όρεξη Kali-Orexi (Vicky and Seline, SA Group 2)
Chargrilled Octopus and Broad Bean Salad with Red Wine Dressing (Vicky and Seline)
Lahanodolmathes with Avgolemono Sauce (Vicky and Seline)
Chocolate Baklava Cigars with Salted Caramel Sauce (Vicky and Seline)
Score: 73/110

So all the “I can’t do it” from the other teams in the promo was the ouzo shot! Not the food… well not yet!
What? Cabbage on toast, seriously, Sheri, LOL…
Judges like the entrée, good start.
LOL, part 2 of the dancing competition, Zorba this time, of course… Josh sings, Josh dances, do we see a pattern? X factor, next?
Uh oh, they are having trouble with the main.
Cabbage rolls are OK, sauce shot down by the judges.
Here comes the Greek tragedy, Vicky is not feeling well… She’s sitting down, Seline doing all the work for dessert…
Oh no, don’t stir the caramel, it crystallises…
Dessert, consensus are too sweet, too plain, not enough chocolate…

Eliminated from Group 2: Matt and Rob, VIC Group 2

Yay, as predicted earlier, secret round is another 6 new teams!
Here comes Colin Fassnidge who will judge the secret round with the 6 new teams…


Ep 13, Thursday, February 19, 2015The Secret Round Begins, Let’s See If They Are Any Good!
Wild Pastures (Drasko and Bianca, WA Group 3)
Barbecued Marron with Thai Green Mango Salad (Drasko and Bianca)
Venison with Celeriac Purée and Witlof Salad (Drasko and Bianca)
Sour Apple Parfait with Apple Marshmallow and Salted Peanut Shards (Drasko and Bianca)
Score: 70/110

LOL, they spent so much time shopping, and setting up restaurant, that they only have just over one hour of prep time.
Déjà vu! What’s with the re-cycled restaurant? This restaurant set-up looks just like last night’s Greek restaurant using the trellis and plastic grape vines… Wonder if this round was filmed concurrently with the first two rounds, or after?
Colin said one team will be eliminated from this group too, so we will have 15 teams standing at the end of this round! Surely that’s too many teams to go into Kitchen Headquarter… So they need to eliminate some teams before going to KHQ. I can see a never-ending season coming…
What no episode this Sunday?
Entrée is under seasoned, Thai salad too overpowering… Although Colin’s marron was cooked perfectly, some others were undercooked apparently.
Another long, long night…
Clark Kent played the head chef role very well, LOL, and a control freak…
Main is very old-school according to Colin, LOL, but venison cooked perfectly.
Clark Kent is getting on my nerve already, a know-all…
Parfait and crumble are good, but not the other elements.
Colin’s scores will be doubled to compensate there being only one judge this round!

Ep 14, Monday, February 23, 2015Is Rob Chris in Disguise? Wearing Hat While Cooking Is So 2009…
Evans & Mac (Rob and Dave, QLD Group 3)
Mushroom Ravioli in Porcini Broth (Rob and Dave)
Fennel and Thyme Stuffed Porchetta with Roasted Vegetables (Rob and Dave)
Chocolate Éclair with Strawberries and Cream (Rob and Dave)
Score: 71/110

LOL, running out of ravioli already! First rule, always make extra, even if you can’t count…
Entrée is a hit!
Oh dear, pork might be overcooked.
LOL, that’s funny, lights out in the dinner room!
Yeah, Colin’s pork looked dry.
Hahaha, just thinking it is just so ironic that a bald man with a bushy beard wears a hat in the kitchen, while all the other cooks in MKR have unrestraint hair flinging all over the place while cooking…
Colin reckons dessert is good but not a wow dish.
LOL, Colin gave a 10 for the entrée, that’s the something he’d never done before.
So far so good, at least the cooking standard from the first two teams in group 3 have surpassed what the first two groups, well except the unbeatable cowboy and daughter, had done.

MKR chef Colin Fassnidge has found out the hard way that some food is not defenceless after stepping on a sea urchin

Ep 15, Tuesday, February 24, 2015We are Going on A Safari Tonight, Let’s Hope They Are Not Cooking Lions
The Serengeti (Lynn and Tony, QLD Group 3)
Peri Peri Prawns with Cucumber and Apple Salad (Lynn and Tony)
Poor Man’s Bolo with Maize Meal and Crispy Green Beans (Lynn and Tony)
Pharaoh’s Money Bags – Mascarpone and Fig Filo Pastry (Lynn and Tony)
Score: 48/110

Colin is psychic, LOL. He knew what the sides in the main were when the menu he’s looking at stated only Poor Man’s Bolo… Never heard of bolo either, LOL… Learnt something tonight at least, it is the shoulder part of the beef…
It is going to be a very, very slow night. They spent over 3 hours shopping, and when they arrived home, clock was already counting down to 2 hours 50 minutes. Then they spent over 1 hour setting up, leaving them only 1 hour 38 minutes for prep… If their cooking is that slow, dessert will be served when the sun rises…
Nooo… Tony put in 1/4 cup white wine vinegar for the mayonnaise when it needed only 1/4 teaspoon… Obviously he had never made mayonnaise before, LOL. Also hilarious in the second try, the camera zoomed in to show him using 1/2 teaspoon to measure…
Buying extra for taste testing or covering for any unforeseeable cooking mishaps does not mean buying more than triple the amount of food, LOL. Buying 70 prawns for 11 entrées of 2 each is just ridiculous… Also don’t believe he prepared all 70 prawns if the editing is to be believed, as he spent at least 10 minutes to just cut, devein and clean 4 prawns before the guests arrived. So to prepare all 70 prawns, it would have taken him nearly 3 hours!
Oh no, hair in the entrée, yuk…
Another team who can’t count… LOL, he said to cut out 16 rounds of sweet potatoes for 11 mains with 5 extra, yet only cut out 9. However the editing was hilarious, first we saw him cooking 9 rounds, then suddenly there were 10 in the pan, and only 9 when Lynn was trying to plate, did he eat one?
The other teams are restless, 2 hours since entrée and still no sign of main…
LOL, bolo was tough, Colin’s jaws had a good workout…
Are those flowers they put on every dish edible?
Has the show turned into a dating show? LOL. That was awkward…
Money bags are swimming in butter, going downhill fast for them. Those were the saddest looking money bags ever…
After a great start for group 3, the standard is tumbling down again. From the promo, it looks like the Vic team tomorrow is going to have a disastrous night as well.

Ep 16, Wednesday, February 25, 2015Will Mary Poppins Get Chaotic?
Wisteria (Jane and Emma, VIC Group 3)
Eggplant Arancini with Arrabbiata Sauce and Parmesan Crisp (Jane and Emma)
Salmon with Crispy Potato Stack and Lime Vinaigrette (Jane and Emma)
Fig and Honey Ice-Cream Sandwich with Almond Praline (Jane and Emma)
Score: 56/110

The producers are rubbing their hands with glee, asking them to make a fig recipe when figs are out of season… Maybe they should have bought dried figs instead of wasting half an hour looking for the fresh figs, chop them up and stir through the ice cream before setting, I love those dried fig yoghurts, yummo!
Mmm, swan crossing, hahaha…
Another team with lousy time management, reached home with 2 hours 34 minutes remaining, and only 1 hour 51 minutes for prep after setting up.
The producers are definitely getting good values out of those lattice and plastic vine leaves, is this the third restaurant using them this year?
Colin reckoned there were a few errors in the huge entrée but not a total write-off.
Salmon skin sticking to pan, a classic case of pan not hot enough.
Oh no, don’t drizzle vinaigrette on top of the crispy skin, classic mistake… How often has this happened on this show as well as MCA?
An average main…
Did Colin just sabotage their dessert by talking to them while their ginger waffle was baking in the oven and burnt? No, I should said the producers asking Colin to go in at that moment to distract them, LOL.
Colin did not like the dessert, ice cream crystallised!

MKR secret round: Is this Channel 7’s big fat mistake?

Ep 17, Thursday, February 26, 2015Can Austin Powers and Son Cook?
The China Plate (Will and Steve, NSW Group 3)
Scotch Egg with Herb Mayonnaise (Will and Steve)
Fish and Thrice Cooked Chips, Peas and Liquor (Will and Steve)
Mrs Stewart’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Roulade (Will and Steve)
Score: 76/110

Ho, ho, ho, looking forward to seeing Steve filleting the fish after his big talk last night!
LOL, the egg-timer-gate… Didn’t they test it beforehand? And it was one of those old fashioned inaccurate dodgy timers, why didn’t they get a digital one?
Now cake layer is burnt! It is not going to be able to be rolled up!
Third round boiling eggs, LOL, 3-minute eggs are giving them hell! I hope they didn’t really bin the 2 dozen hard boiled eggs, even if they said that to camera (hopefully for drama sake only), that would be such a waste of perfectly good food. They could have used them the next day or make egg sandwiches for the crews after the filming.
Why did they cut all the scotch eggs? It would have been more exciting for the diners to cut it themselves.
Colin said scotch egg is spot on.
OK, he has some skills in filleting, I’ll admit, at least he didn’t mangle the fish.
LOL, Colin came in and said Steve left a layer of flesh on the bone after the filleting. Now he has trouble pin boning.
One and half hours since entrée, still pin boning.
Colin choked on a bone, or did he, ad break…
No, he just coughed, and he said hats off to Steve for filleting the fish and cooking them perfectly.
Roulade is going to be a “brownie” stack now! Austin Powers is the sidekick, son is the cook…
Ganache is gone… And that’s the wrong way to make ganache, he should have just heated the cream and then poured that into the chocolate to melt!
Love how Austin Powers tried to convince the diners the meaning of the word roulade… At least Steve made the stacks looked presentable.
LOL, Clark Kent eating the desserts off 3 of the others’ plates.
Mmm, strategic scoring from Lynn and Tony? A 5? A good entrée and main, only the dessert is a fail, and that’s still edible even with a lack of sugar (maybe a simple thing like a dusting of icing sugar over the top would have made them taste better). A 6, although still a low score for the food tonight, is only just acceptable as that’s about 2/3.

Ep 18, Monday, March 2, 2015Beauty and the Geek Rejects Got Confused and Walked onto The Set of MKR
Sassy (Katie and Nikki, NSW Group 3)
Nikki’s Croatian Hot Pot with Homemade Sausage (Katie and Nikki)
Spatchcock with Pomegranate Salad and Couscous (Katie and Nikki)
Deconstructed Lemon Tart (Katie and Nikki)
Score: 57/110

Yuck, saliva spits all over the dining table…
Looking at their end dishes at the official site, they looked like a 10 year-old cooked and plated them.
How can you invent a dish and call it by a specific name from a specific country?
More like Nikki’s Dogpoo on A Pool of Puke than Nikki’s Hotpot…
LOL, baby food!
Hahaha, “spatchcock knowledge” fight between Drasko and Steve…
What, putting dressing on the plate and covering it completely with the couscous, isn’t a dressing supposed to go over the salad, not under?
Does Drasko want to be chef or a food critic?
Oh, the calamity, the calamity…
Good one Bianca, figuring out the sorbet and crumbs for the dessert!
The catwalk, what’s going on? I thought this is a cooking show… No? My mistake, LOL.
Really, the dessert, they thought it is pretty? What planet are they on? LMAO.
Abstract Lemon Tart, LOL

Eliminated from Group 3: Lynn and Tony, QLD

Get ready, another round of instant restaurants coming up…
Bottom two teams from each group will go into the Redemption Round!
What? Only one team will be eliminated from the Redemption Round, how long is this series going to go? I was expecting three teams to be eliminated from the upcoming round so only 12 teams go forward…
Highest score coming from those bottom teams, NEVER! Really???

Ep 19, Tuesday, March 3, 2015Going Round, and Round, and Round Again with The Never Ending Instant Restaurants
Mystic Hollow (Annie and Lloyd, SA Redemption Round)
Goat’s Cheese, Caramelised Onion and Pine Nut Tart (Annie and Lloyd)
Lamb Rack with Green Olive Gremolata and Pommes Dauphines (Annie and Lloyd)
Espresso Cheesecake (Annie and Lloyd)
Score: 59/110

Stalker Annie, creepy!
Cracks appeared, on the cheesecakes…
Double ding dongs, LOL, I would let the judges WAIT at the door if they want good food, since they never deduct points for long wait between courses!
I was just wondering if the producers chose easier recipes (so don’t expect cronuts or cruffins to pop up anywhere near this group after the debacle of the simple baked donuts in the second round) for them this round, that may account for the higher scores they are hinting at. Either that or they got more help, less interference (like telling them to jazz up the dishes or deviate from their original recipes), from the in-house chef and producers… It’s all an illusion, people!
Lloyd, are you a Positive Polly, or a Negative Nancy??? What the…
It is getting weird, now there is a Country of Lloyd… A what, a “wooch”? A blob is a “wooch”?
Wow, Pete said the best lamb in the history of MKR, I can see a perfect score coming…
Hahaha, they gave the overcooked lamb to the Beauty rejects…
The cheesecake texture looked wrong! Very dense looking, my baked cheesecake can never be cut with such a smooth surface…
More sauce, more sauce… Manu will be disappointed with that teaspoon of coffee syrup, LOL.
Overbaked, LOL, so all these years they were eating overbaked cheesecakes, and they loved it…
Only an 8 from Pete for main after the best cooked lamb comment, but a 9 from Manu…

Ep 20, Wednesday, March 4, 2015Comfort Food that’s Just Not So Comforting
Finders Keepers (Sheri and Emilie, QLD Redemption Round)
Mushroom Crêpes (Sheri and Emilie)
Deconstructed Lamb Shank and Sherry Pie (Sheri and Emilie)
Rhubarb and Raspberry Upside-Down Cake with Crème Anglaise (Sheri and Emilie)
Score: 66/110

Lamb again? Are they all cooking lamb this round?
Bought 13 lamb shanks, discovered only 12 in the bag of different sizes during prep, should have checked when buying at the shop. Inexperienced much?
This is hilarious, deaf girl, driving, music, phone… But don’t try this at home, kids!
Whenever they said something extra which is not mentioned in the menu, I get suspicious and think, ah, that must be the element “suggested” by the producers to perk up that recipe, LOL.
Are they just winging it with the crêpes?
I think group 2 are sticking together… Group 1 are crazy, Group 3 just hissing at each other, well at least from one side…
It has happened so many times with pastry/pasta in MKR home kitchen getting dry quickly. How on earth they still don’t realize with the camera lights pointing towards the kitchen bench/food all day and so many people (behind the camera) in a small room that the kitchen is HOT, not ideal for making pastry? At least take extra precautions to keep pastry cool or cover with damp cloth…
Not surprised that the butter has melted into the puff pastry turning the puff pastry into butter biscuits!
Really getting over serving food on boards especially when there is a sauce!
First they made comfort food too complicated, then comfort food too simple, LOL.
Wow, scorings range from 4 to 8 from the other teams, are they eating the same food?
Can’t wait for Kat to land at the bottom of the leaderboard again and start strategic scoring again, why not just be consistent and score a 2 for every instant restaurants?

Ep 21, Thursday, March 5, 2015Will Mary Poppins Fly High Tonight?
Wisteria (Jane and Emma, VIC Redemption Round)
Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Butter (Jane and Emma)
Pork Cheek with Apple Cider Jus, Crackling and Potato Croquette (Jane and Emma)
Lemon Friand with Lemon Curd and Blueberries (Jane and Emma)
Score: 92/110

LOL, Kat revealed their strategic scorings in their first round earlier, wonder if that will come back and bite her when her turn to cook comes?
Manu did the “negative” compliments yet again, as entrée wowed the whole table!
Hmmm, the ice thing, never heard of that technique before, need to remember that for next time. I guess it works the same way as chilling the fatty sauce/broth in the fridge by congealing the fat… But the ice thing maybe faster…
I think Emma overbeat the mashed potatoes and turn it pasty and gummy…
Mmmm, yum, the fat on the cheek… How fat were those pigs?
Looks like the highest score in the history is in the making… Two down, dessert to come…
Annie loves lemon? But it is not PINK… Haha…
Oh, no not dessert on board again…
Dessert good, friands cooked to perfection but other elements not the best of the night…
Wow, tough scorings apart from the girls from Group 2 who both gave 9, Annie and Lloyd only gave a 7, come on, it is worthy of more…
I’m surprised, only one 10 from Pete and that’s for the main, and three 9s, not the highest score ever… So another team will score more, hope it is Eva and Debra, fingers crossed!

Ep 22, Monday, March 9, 2015Will the strategizers be strategized?
Fin & Tonic (Kat and Andre, WA Redemption Round)
Veal Involtini (Kat and Andre)
Zuppa di Pesce with Homemade Bread (Kat and Andre)
Ile Flottante (Kat and Andre)
Score: 57/110

Manu asked “why?” while holding up a bread roll… Hopefully an indication that no highest score tonight!
30g instant yeast? How much bread rolls is Kat Making? Also it looks like she’s using DownDown‘s homebrand flour which is not ideal for making bread, not too sure as I don’t usually shop at DownDown, CheapCheap is much nearer to me so that’s my preferred supermarket. She should be using high-protein bread flour to make bread, not the plain flour which has much lower gluten.
Bread dough proportion looked wrong, making only 20 rolls using 30g instant yeast! From the amount of dough she is kneading, half that amount, 15g would be more than enough. And they are rolling/shaping already, did she even prove the dough at all? Hahaha, they are going to fail. Kat’s obviously never made bread before.
Entrée is OK, but it looks like all the way downhill from here…
Bread rolls looked like rocks! So dry looking…
Pete said all the seafood were overcooked, Manu asked why did they spend time making rocks, LOL
Isn’t the meringue supposed to be poached for floating island so it stays soft and white? They baked it, there is going to be brown crispy top!
Underbaked, eggy meringue…
Can’t believe they rescued the dessert by scraping off half of the undercooked meringue! Maybe the two they gave the judges were the best ones.
Goody, now expecting Kat to score 2 for the next two instant restaurants!
The promo suggests tomorrow Eva and Debra will get the highest score ever!

Ep 23, Tuesday, March 10, 2015A Spicy Night, Not Just in the Kitchen
Spice Market (Eva and Debra, WA Redemption Round)
Prawn Cakes with Peanut and Lime Dipping Sauce (Eva and Debra)
Keralan Fish Moilee with Lemon Rice (Eva and Debra)
Kulfi with Rosewater Syrup, Pistachios and Jelly (Eva and Debra)
Score: 98/110

Love the way they have three digital timers to use…
Spice queens in the land of the giants, LOL.
I’m salivating over those prawn cakes! Glad they did not mince the prawns but left them chunky.
Hahaha, Kat and Andre are really desperate now…
Kat is a jumping beetle?
Kat said her fish is undercooked, maybe she is so used to eating overcooked fish that perfectly cooked fish to her is undercooked, hahaha… Just like the bread rolls she made last night she thought was OK when they were rock hard….
Good decision, the kulfi looks good by itself, don’t need the jelly…
8 from Jane and Emma, 8 from Annie and Lloyd, 9 from Katie and Nikki, also an 8 from Kat and Andre, didn’t expect that… 10 from Sheri and Emilie, first time a perfect score from another team?
10 for entrée from Manu, 10 from Pete.
For main, 10 from Pete, 10 from Manu also, 4 perfect scores so far.
For dessert, 7 from Manu, 8 from Pete… Grand total of 98! Highest score in MKR history.

Ep 24, Wednesday, March 11, 2015Beauty and the Geek Rejects Go Fusion Confusion
Sassy (Katie and Nikki, NSW Redemption Round)
Chicken Livers with Potato Rösti and Garlic Spinach (Katie and Nikki)
Pork Cutlet with Bacon Sauerkraut and Onion Knodel (Katie and Nikki)
Kick-Ass Apple Pie with Burnt Butter Ice-Cream (Katie and Nikki)
Score: 52/110

“I just need to cut my brain off, taste and swallow.” Classic!
At least the dish presentation from the girls are improving…
Liver cooked well, rösti burnt, rest of the dish confusing…
LOL, the look on the faces of Kat and Andre after Emma said judging has to be on the food only, nothing else…
Main is better, a lot going on but not as confusing as entrée, but pork slightly overcooked, sauerkraut is not sauerkraut.
Manu said, “There’s only one way to stay in the competition, just cook some good food.” That should shut up Kat and Andre, but will it?
Is that a pie or a tart?
Ice cream is good. Apple “pie” not kick-ass. Think the girls might just get over the line.
A 1 from Kat and Andre!
Nooooo, Kat and Andre survived!

Eliminated from Redemption Round: Katie and Nikki, NSW

The top scoring team from each round will be safe from the next elimination.
Pete and Manu will not be there for every challenge, but Colin will be.

Ep 25, Thursday, March 12, 2015BBQ Breakfast for 200 Campers
People’s Choice Challenge, 90 minutes to prep & cook; 1 hour to serve
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Zucchini and Corn Fritters with Maple Bacon and Tomato Salsa (Rob and Dave)
Chilli Scrambled Eggs with Salmon and Chive Hollandaise (Ash and Camilla)
Greek Baked Eggs with Dill and Garlic Flatbread (Vicky and Celine)
American-Style Pancakes with Caramelised Banana and Coconut Crumb (Jac and Shaz)
Blueberry Ricotta Hotcakes with Berry Compote and Candied Pecans (Emma and Jane)
Lamb Meatballs with Vegetable Stew and Bubble and Squeak (Annie and Lloyd)
Smoked Ham and Gruyère Bake with Tomato Relish (Kat and Andre)
Spicy Pork and Egg Tortilla with Avocado Salsa (Drasko and Bianca)
Ricotta Fritters with Tomato Relish, Rocket and Feta (Rose and Josh)
Spinach, Feta and Mushroom Gözleme (Sheri and Emilie)

Hahaha, can’t find Kat and Andre’s recipe, maybe they are really bad and are one of the bottom two, hopefully!
The two teams making pancakes are popular with campers.
Very few campers at Annie and Lloyd’s…
30 minutes left for serving and Sheri and Emilie still have nothing to serve!

Judges comments:
Rob and Dave – too much overpowering spices, but OK
Ash and Camilla – good, will order again
Vicky and Celine – undercooked eggs, no seasoning, soggy bread
Rose and Josh – not the most challenging dish, but every mouthful is a joy
Jac and Shaz – big portion, but Colin loves it even though he’s a savoury man
Emma and Jane – juice from blueberries gives the pancakes a bang
Drasko and Bianca – undercooked in some places but quite impressive
Kat and Andre – quite confusing to the palate, disappointed, misfired
Annie and Lloyd – is it breakfast? tough and dry meatballs! dish look terrible
Sheri and Emilie – love the flavour, but is it breakfast food?

LOL, Kat laughed when judges criticized Annie and Lloyd, then comeuppance, she and Andre got criticised themselves, so satisfying to watch…

People’s Choice: Ash and Camilla
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Annie and Lloyd, Vicky and Celine

Urggghhh, can’t believe Kat and Andre escaped again…

The final 2 recipes are finally up, haha…
Smoked Ham and Gruyère Bake with Tomato Relish (Kat and Andre)
Spicy Pork and Egg Tortilla with Avocado Salsa (Drasko and Bianca)

Just been watching the new dating season of The Amazing Race on Channel 7, and the most hilarious Syncing Steps detour in Japan, it just showed when people are put under pressure, even simple thing like walking in slow motion is a big challenge. It was so funny to see grown men/women finding difficulty to put one leg in front of the other one slowly to music. I think it is same with the contestants on MKR, when put under pressure, cooking may become the most difficult task in the world, LOL. So as we laughed and criticised them for their inability to cook, we should remember the pressure they are under, well, maybe not for Kat and Andre… 🙂

Ep 26, Monday, March 16, 2015Annie and Lloyd vs Vicky and Celine
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Vicky and Celine
Grilled Lemon and Garlic Prawn Skewers with Chilli Mayonnaise (Vicky and Celine)
Beef Moussaka with Greek Salad (Vicky and Celine)
Rosewater Rizogalo (Vicky and Celine)
Score: 27/60

Team 2: Annie and Lloyd
Grilled Squid with Fennel and Pomegranate Salad (Annie and Lloyd)
Miso Salmon with Tempura Mushrooms (Annie and Lloyd)
Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel Ice-cream (Annie and Lloyd)
Score: 22/60

After all that promo about a dish that judges won’t eat, and it was just raw tough squids that they can’t eat… Another hype that’s come to nothing, LOL. I was expecting something drastic like poisonous food!
Spending over an hour making ice cream, that’s just incomprehensible… and left less than half an hour to make the entrée!
And after all that effort, the ice cream did not set, the most hilarious time management from crazy Annie! Should have just put it back in the freezer for the last half hour?

Eliminated: Annie and Lloyd

Is this the worst Sudden Death Cook-Off ever? Both teams below par!

Ep 27, Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Cooking for 50 DownDown’s Farmers
People’s Choice Challenge, 90 minutes to prep & cook
Each team will cook one of the 6 savoury dishes or 6 sweet dishes using one produce out of 12 available from the Coles’ Farmers
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Savoury Teams
Beef: Eva and Debra
Beetroot: Rose and Josh
Chillies: Drasko and Bianca
Lamb: Vicky and Celine
Mushrooms: Kat and Andre
Salmon: Carol and Adam

Sweet Teams
Apples: Rob and Dave
Berries: Sheri and Emilie
Citrus: Jac and Shaz
Nuts: Emma and Jane
Peaches: Robert and Lynzey
Rhubarb: Will and Steve

Nan’s Burmese Chilli Prawn Curry (Drasko and Bianca) – Pete’s Savoury Dish of The Day
Pork and Mushroom Cabbage Rolls with Mushroom Sauce (Kat and Andre)
Smoked Beef and Asian Noodle Salad (Eva and Debra)
Marinated Lamb Cutlets With Mediterranean Couscous (Vicky and Celine)
Baked Salmon with Ruby Grapefruit Salad (Carol and Adam)
Roast Beetroot Fettuccine with Caramelised Pears and Blue Cheese (Rose and Josh)
Riesling Poached Rhubarb with Ginger Biscuits (Will and Steve) – Pete’s Sweet Dish of The Day
Mixed Berry Wagon Wheels (Sheri and Emilie)
Layered Hazelnut Cake with Frangelico Cream (Emma and Jane)
Spiced Orange Cakes with Citrus Syrup (Jac and Shaz)
Upside-Down Peach Cobbler with Peach Schnapps Custard (Robert and Lynzey)
Apple Amandine with Apple Sabayon (Rob and Dave)

It is ridiculous they had to cook in the paddock under the hot sun in the searing heat, can’t the producers provide at least some shades? What if it was raining, they had to cook in the rain??? Reminiscence of that infamous CWA challenge in MCA a few years ago with the howling wind in the paddock!
Eva and Debra are in trouble, beef dry… Asians cooking a big chunk of red meat is never a good thing, LOL. They could have done a stew-type dish à la Beef Rendang with pressure cooker (or maybe they didn’t have access to one?), and then maybe they did not have access to any chillies since another team was cooking with chillies??? Then again, a Thai beef Salad would have been a much safer option than what they dished up… Questions, questions, questions…
Oh no, Robert and Lynzey also in trouble…
Sheri and Emilie might go to Sudden Death as well…

Coles’ Farmers’ Choice: Will and Steve
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Eva and Debra, Sheri and Emilie

Epic battle tomorrow, mate vs mate…

Ep 28, Wednesday, March 18, 2015Eva and Debra vs Sheri and Emilie
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Sheri and Emilie
Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Mayonnaise (Sheri and Emilie)
Prawn Linguine (Sheri and Emilie)
Cherry Crostata with Ginger Cream (Sheri and Emilie)
Score: 41/60

Team 2: Eva and Debra
Steamed Mussels with Lemongrass, Ginger and Chilli (Eva and Debra)
Mum’s Chicken Curry (Eva and Debra)
Steamed Banana Cake with Salted Caramel (Eva and Debra)
Score: 45/60

LOL, Eva seems to freak out a lot… Thank goodness she has Debra there to calm her down! But Eva seems to be the better cook out of her and Debra, or that she has more traditional recipes up her sleeve…
Hahaha, remind me to put salt in the caramel, a sure sign she is going to forget! Why not just add the salt there and then instead of waiting til later?
Eva and Debra have edged ahead after the mains, so it is down to desserts for Sheri and Emilie!
Phew, they did not forget the salt in the caramel, but was there enough salt? The Steamed Banana Cakes were mangled looking, the Cherry Crostata looked delicious, so it is down to the wire.

Eliminated: Sheri and Emilie

Ep 29, Thursday, March 19, 2015 Pub Crawl for Pub Grub
People’s Choice Challenge, 15 minutes to shop, 90 minutes to prep & cook; 1 hour service
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Le Pub:
Chargrilled Lamb with Roasted Vegetable and Feta Salad (Jac and Shaz) – Pete’s Dish of The Day
Butter Chicken with Saffron Rice and Flatbread (Rob and Dave)

The Balmain:
Fish and Sweet Potato Chips with Chilli Mayonnaise (Eva and Debra)
Spicy Beef Fajitas with Jalapeño Pico de Gallo (Robert and Lynzey)

Cat and Fiddle Hotel:
Pittsburgh Rare with French Fries, Mushy Peas and Café de Paris Butter (Ash and Camilla)
Stuffed Chicken Breast with Chilli Breadcrumbs and Polenta Chips (Rose and Josh)

Dry Dock Hotel:
Snapper with Carrot Purée, Duck Fat Potatoes and Tomato Salsa (Kat and Andre)
Pink Ling En Papillote (Carol and Adam)

Red Lion Hotel:
Mexican Pork Ribs with White Beans and Pickled Onions (Drasko and Bianca) – Colin’s Dish of The Day
Kangaroo Fillet with Cauliflower Purée and Red Wine Jus (Jane and Emma)

Bombshell! Haha, not really a surprise as it has been reported in the media that one team walked out this year, but Vicky and Celine have pulled out of the competition after medical advice.
Did Ash and Camilla have to cook in this challenge due to early exit by Vicky and Celine?
LOL, Kat and Andre, if it is not Kat losing her head, it is Andre, drama galore for these two!
Some of the food looked too fancy, as in tiny serving, for pubs, looking at you Jane and Emma, 3 tiny bits of meat and few leaves for lunch, really! Are they confusing 3-course restaurant dinner for pub food? Compare to Jac and Shaz’s dish which was a very generous serving of food.
This is a very odd challenge, so two teams cooking in each pub, but the customers are all different, the only pub crawlers are Pete and Colin. Therefore most customers would only have two dishes to compare and that may affect the amount they are willing to pay… For example if one pub has two good dishes, one good team from that pub will lose out to another bad team in another pub that may have two bad dishes!

People’s Choice: Jac and Shaz
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Robert and Lynzey, Rob and Dave

Ep 30, Monday, March 23, 2015Robert and Lynzey vs Rob and Dave
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Rob and Dave
Chargrilled Seafood in Tomato and Basil Consommé (Rob and Dave)
Stuffed Chicken Breast with Brussels Sprouts and Parsnip Purée (Rob and Dave)
Honey & Ginger Fig with Shortbread and Pistachio Syrup (Rob and Dave)
Score: 46/60

Team 2: Robert and Lynzey
Fried Goat’s Cheese with Strawberries and Balsamic (Robert and Lynzey)
Wagyu Eye Fillet with Caramelised Onions and Potato Purée (Robert and Lynzey)
Beetroot and Blood Orange Parfait with Raspberry Sorbet (Robert and Lynzey)
Score: 41/60

Eliminated: Robert and Lynzey

What a Shocker!

Ep 31, Tuesday, March 24, 2015 Catering A Wedding for 90 Guests
People’s Choice Challenge, 90 minutes to prep & cook; 1/2 hour service
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Confit of Ocean Trout with Whipped Caviar and Ginger Broth (Ash and Camilla)
Chicken Liver Parfait with Raisin Purée and Fennel Lavosh (Will and Steve)
Duck Breast with Beetroot, Cherry and Chocolate (Drasko and Bianca)

Pork fillet with Orange and Fennel Slaw and Potato Rösti (Kat and Andre) – Bride’s Dish of The Day
Dukkah-Crusted Lamb with Sweet Pumpkin Purée and Mint Yoghurt (Eva and Debra)
Butter Poached Eye Fillet with Cauliflower Purée and Mushroom Sauce (Rob and Dave)

White Chocolate Custard with Mixed Berry Compote and Macadamia Crumb (Rose and Josh)
Citrus Celebration (Carol and Adam)
Ricotta Cheesecake with Raspberry and Blood Orange (Emma and Jane)

LOL, what a stupid wedding reception, guests have to hold a parasol with one hand, and with only the other hand to eat? Maybe they should hire a personal parasol holder for each guest, hahaha.
Just had a thought, did Channel 7 took over that grand marquee which was supposed to be the dining area and used it as a kitchen?
Drasko wants to be a chef? Keep dreaming on! He lives in a little world of his own, and doesn’t know how to work as a team! Bianca is a better cook than him, and that’s saying a lot!

People’s Choice: Rose and Josh
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Jane and Emma, Rob and Dave

Ep 32, Wednesday, March 25, 2015Jane and Emma vs Rob and Dave
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Jane and Emma
Green Papaya Salad with Salt and Pepper Prawns (Emma and Jane)
Lamb Ragù with Fettuccine and Pea Pesto (Emma and Jane)
Bombolini with Raspberry Coulis and Crème Anglaise (Emma and Jane)
Score: 49/60

Team 2: Rob and Dave
Open Lobster Ravioli (Rob and Dave)
Stuffed Blue-Eye Trevalla on Soft Polenta with Warm Salsa Verde (Rob and Dave)
Mini Pavlova with Passionfruit and Raspberries (Rob and Dave)
Score: 45/60

Eliminated: Rob and Dave

LOL, how difficult was frying doughnuts? Why did Emma keep insisting on 2 minutes, when they were still raw after so many tries. Just cook them longer at a lower temperature, silly billy, as long as they are not burnt outside!
Are the judges a bit over the top doing the knowingly-looking-at-you stare when tasting this year… It is getting very annoying and slightly creepy! I am expecting one of them to lean over and pash each other next.
I think Rob and Dave are gone, overcooked fish/undercooked pavlova vs good pasta/perfect doughnuts after going neck and neck with entrées…
LOL, can’t wait for the Kat-astrophe episode on Easter Monday…

Ep 33, Monday, April 6, 2015Making Canapés to Cater a Harvest Party for 100 Melbourne Urban Gardeners
People’s Choice Challenge, 3 hours to harvest, prep & cook; 1 hour service
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Beetroot Relish with Goats Cheese Mousse and Herb Biscuit (Emma and Jane)
Hoisin Beef Steamed bun with pickled Radish (Kat and Andre)
Asian Mushroom Risotto (Drasko and Bianca)
Crispy Barramundi with Apple and Mango Salad (Eva and Debra) – Colin’s Dish of The Day
Wasabi Chicken with Asian Slaw (Jac and Shaz) – Pete’s Dish of The Day
Shallot Tarte Tatin with Crispy Skin Duck, Mustard Crème Fraîche and Vegetables (Will and Steve)
Waldorf Prawn Cocktail (Carol and Adam)
Lamb Cutlets with Fondant Potatoes and Beetroot Purée (Ash and Camilla)

People’s Choice: Eva and Debra
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Carol and Adam, Will and Steve

Cheeky Channel 7! Tonight’s episode is not the Kat-astrophe episode as promoted, but the one where Steve put something inedible in their canapés… Could it be the poisonous tomato flowers à la MCA, was it last year’s?
LOL, it is not the tomato flowers, but the top end of tomato with the stem still attached which is also toxic, why they chopped off most of the tomato but left only the top bit to serve is bizarre!
Non of the dishes can be considered as canapés! Isn’t a canapé supposed to be able to be held in one hand and eaten in one or two bites? All of the dishes were more like an entrée or street-food style dish when served in container which was impossible to eat with one hand… Even Jane and Emma’s which was the closest to be called a canapé was too large needing at least 3 to 4 bites to eat.

Ep 34, Tuesday, April 7, 2015Carol and Adam vs Will and Steve
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Will and Steve
Zucchini Flowers with Whipped Goat’s Curd and Burnt Butter (Will and Steve)
Roast Spatchcock with Bread Sauce and Orange and Ginger Carrots (Will and Steve)
Textures of Blood Orange with White Chocolate Mascarpone and Coconut Tuile (Will and Steve)
Score: 47/60

Team 2: Carol and Adam
Seared Scallops with Miso and Ginger Sauce and Asian Mushrooms (Carol and Adam)
Goji Stuffed Pork Fillet with Daikon (Carol and Adam)
Crisp Apple Cigars with Cinnamon Ice-Cream (Carol and Adam)
Score: 40/60

Eliminated: Carol and Adam

LOL. Will is just useless in the kitchen! He is a scatterbrain!
Shaz and Rose have never seen a daikon before, hahaha.
Geez, the pork looked very pink!
LOL, only Pete mentioned the pork was just undercooked… Or just the editing team cutting out all the other judges’ comments about the undercooked pork, they seemed to cut around the cooked bits to eat and left the undercooked bits on the plate.
Looks like Will and Steve are ahead after the mains.
Ash has never heard of chiko rolls? Too posh?
LOL, another meltdown from Kat tomorrow, still not that over-promoted one. Can’t wait for that. Let’s face it, MKR is not about cooking, it is contestants like Kat that kept the show interesting, if they are not there, would we be watching? Baddies never die in the first 10 minutes of a movie, so I want to see Kat and Andre to be there until at least the final few episodes! And get their comeuppance in a deliciously dramatic episode… Betcha this time next year, we won’t remember most of the teams from this year except Kat and Andre… We all remembered Dr Evil (oh, how we laughed ourselves silly with their slow coach cooking art and chopping beans one by one!), the Spice Girls, Princess Jen (villain turned good), Chloe and Kelly from previous years, but ask me to name a good team, only Nic and Rocco came to mind, and I can’t even remember who won MKR the past couple of years…

Ep 35, Wednesday, April 8, 2015 Creating A Fun Dish at Luna Park’s Giveback Day for the Emergency Services Workers
People’s Choice Challenge, 1 hour 30 minutes to prep, 1 hour to cook; 1 hour service
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Beef Bombs with Roasted Chilli Mayonnaise (Will and Steve) – Colin and Pete’s Dish of The Day
Chicken Satay with Mango Relish (Drasko and Bianca)
Banana Spring Roll with Coconut Custard and Caramel Popcorn (Jac and Shaz)
Mini-Hamburgers with Deep Fried Pickles (Kat and Andre)
Pork, Fennel and Apple Sausage Rolls (Ash and Camilla)
Churros with Dulce de Leche and Raspberry Coulis (Rose and Josh)
Popcorn Chicken and Ranch Dipping Sauce (Emma and Jane)

People’s Choice: Jac and Shaz
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Rose and Josh, Drasko and Bianca

LOL, actually feeling sorry for Andre with Kat yapping non-stop, and going gaga…

Ep 36, Sunday, April 12, 2015Rose and Josh vs Drasko and Bianca
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Rose and Josh
Beef and Chorizo Empanadas with Salsa Brava (Rose and Josh)
Caper and Parsley Crusted Lamb with Pearl Couscous (Rose and Josh)
Double Chocolate Mousse (Rose and Josh)
Score: 34/60

Team 2: Drasko and Bianca
Sardines with Crispy Pig’s Ears (Drasko and Bianca)
Rock Lobster With Confit Chicken Wings And Yellow Curry Sauce (Drasko and Bianca)
Chocolate Torte with Turmeric Ice-Cream and Candied Orange (Drasko and Bianca)
Score: 46/60

Eliminated: Rose and Josh

Finally, tomorrow’s episode is the long awaited Kat-astrophe episode, hope it lives up to expectation… Kat also seems too happy doing the post challenge narrating, so they probably did not land in the bottom two after all the drama!

Ep 37, Monday, April 13, 2015Creating An Inflight Cold Meal for over 200 Jetstar Passengers
People’s Choice Challenge, 1 hour 30 minutes to prep & cook
Winner will be safe from the next two eliminations, Bottom 2 teams will go to Sudden Death Cook-Off

Peruvian Seared Tuna with Beans (Kat and Andre)
Middle Eastern Lamb with Saffron Cauliflower (Drasko and Bianca) – Pete’s and Colin’s Dish of The Day
Seared Miso Rainbow Trout with Crunchy Salad (Will and Steve)
Chargrilled Prawns with Pineapple Salad and Cucumber and Apple Pickle (Eva and Debra)
Manzo Tonnato with Asparagus (Ash and Camilla)
Chicken Rice Paper Rolls with Nuoc Cham (Emma and Jane)

People’s Choice: Drasko and Bianca
Sudden Death Cook-Off: Eva and Debra, Kat and Andre

LOL, the winner’s meal will be served on selected flights over the next three months, REALLY?
Kat’s hoping she won’t be a psychopath today, hehehe…
Drasko thinks he will automatically become a chef just by appearing in a reality show??? You still have to go and get an apprenticeship, love! As Bianca would says…
So Kat slipped onto the floor was a non-event, it wasn’t a tantrum as it happened before she went psycho…
So the whole problem was cooling the cooked protein down to 4 degrees which took longer as Kat and Andre had theirs in big pieces, as well as them taking longer to cook than the other teams.
Well, they made it, where’s the crescendo? Channel 7 you are a liar… I was hoping for a major breakdown, or they didn’t get their meal ready!!! Should have known better, LOL.
How were the passengers going to vote their favourite meal if they were only tasting one meal each, unless they could share and taste others meals?
Hahaha, Kat and Andre in bottom two, however they are up against Eva and Debra.

Ep 38, Tuesday, April 14, 2015Eva and Debra vs Kat and Andre
Sudden Death Cook-Off

Team 1: Eva and Debra
Hot and Sour Prawn Soup (Eva and Debra)
Singapore Chilli Crab (Eva and Debra)
Five-Spice Panna Cotta with Poached Pear (Eva and Debra)
Score: 41/60

Team 2: Kat and Andre
Gnocchi with Pumpkin and Sage Burnt Butter (Kat and Andre)
Pork and Mushroom Ragù with Polenta (Kat and Andre)
White Chocolate Crème Brûlée with Baked Figs (Kat and Andre)
Score: 30/60

Eliminated: Kat and Andre

Psycho Chicken Kat, hahaha…
Love how Ash and Camilla decided to watch Kat and Andre cooked, and made them nervous!
Nooo, Eva forgetting things again, and Debra boiling milk over which the promo indicated it was on Kat and Andre side.
Crescendo? It is tonight? Channel 7 doing promos that don’t fit with the episode!
LOL, Andre’s hoping for magical thing to happen with the Crème Brûlée, which might mean they don’t set! Hahaha, he has decided to put them back in the oven!
The faces on Ash and Camilla are precious with them watching Kat putting gnocchi in the oven and cooking them for the third time!
Debra fishing prawns out of the broth, LOL.
Gnocchi were dense and heavy, and bouncy!
Judges liked Eva and Debra’s soup!
They are only doing the ragù now?
Kat still can’t pronounce cayenne for the second night in a row, kanye pepper!
Eva, nooo, putting all the belacan into one pot, think, use your brain, just pour the sauce all in one pot, and divide into two pots again! Why did she use so big pots to cook the sauce? Could have done in smaller pots and then use bigger pots later when they put the crabs in.
Shouldn’t they stir-fry the chilli crabs rather than cooking them in pots? Don’t tell me the inedible dish is the raw crabs!
Kat left the mushrooms in the pan! The chilli crabs looked messy.
Judges think ragù is an incomplete dish.
It is the belacan, too strong, they must have got the pot with all the belacan even though she did try to fish them out and put into the second pot, buns also dense, not looking good for Eva and Debra!
They both had one bad dish, Eva and Debra slightly in front with a good entrée, while Kat and Andre had an average main. Down to the wire with desserts and Eva and Debra are not good with dessert.
Phew, panna cotta turned out well! Now just have to taste good.
Kat thinks their Crème Brûlées rate a 10! Very humble, Kat!
Good, judges loved Eva and Debra’s Panna Cotta, close to perfection!
What, they are not showing Kat and Andre’s Crème Brûlées!
Yoohoo, the Crème Brûlées did not set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ep 39, Wednesday, April 15, 2015 Street Food to Fine Dining Challenges
Kitchen Headquarter Challenge
Three teams will move straight into the Finals after tonight’s challenges

Round 1: Street Food Rapid Cook-Off, 30 minutes
Winner receiving an advantage

Beef Vermicelli Salad (Ash and Camilla)
Twice Cooked Chicken Wings with Peach Chutney (Will and Steve)
Fried Whitebait with Asian Salad (Jac and Shaz)
Coconut Banana Fritter with Caramel Sauce (Emma and Jane)
Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Rum Fruit Pickle (Eva and Debra)
Lamb Kofta with Pickled Cucumber, Flatbread and Mint Yoghurt (Drasko and Bianca)

Advantage: Will and Steve

Round 2: Fine Dining Showdown, 1 hour
3 head-to-head battles, Winners straight into Finals, Losers heading to Elimination
Will and Steve’s advantage is to choose which team battles with which team

Will and Steve vs Eva and Debra
Drasko and Bianca vs Ash and Camilla
Jane and Emma vs Jac and Shaz

Venison Fillet with Smoked Leeks and Mushroom Sauce (Will and Steve)
Crispy Skin Duck with Red Cabbage and Apple Sauce (Eva and Debra)
Pearl Perch with Cauliflower Four Ways and Broad Beans (Drasko and Bianca)
Barramundi with Potato Scales and Beurre Blanc (Ash and Camilla)
Confit Salmon with Orange and Fennel Salad (Emma and Jane)
Eye Fillet and Moreton Bay Bugs with Lemon Caper Sauce (Jac and Shaz)

Winners: Will and Steve, Jac and Shaz, Drasko and Bianca
Knockout Elimination: Eva and Debra, Jane and Emma, Ash and Camilla

According to the EPG, the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round starts next Monday! Sunday’s episode will be a 3-round knockout challenge.
Is it just me or what? After all the Kat and Andre’s shenanigans, tonight challenges felt very flat apart from the controlling Drasko… To me, Kat was more interesting to watch because she played up to the camera, whereas Drasko was just serious and controlling towards Bianca. LOL, it would be seriously funny if Kat and Andre had reached the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round and the other teams all scored them a 1, just imagining that happening had me LMAO… Kat will be bug-eyed! I can almost see that… Oh well, that will never happen now…
Wow, all-female knockout elimination on Sunday!

Ad Break Animals, cute!
My Kitchen Rules fans post ad break animal photos on Twitter

Ep 40, Sunday, April 19, 20153-Round Knockout
Kitchen Headquarter Challenge

Round 1: Skills Test – Segmenting Citrus, 10 minutes
Grapefruit, lemon and lime
Winner will have an advantage

Eva and Debra are so slow and definitely have no skill in segmenting, LOL.
Ash is skilled and segmented the grapefruit and lime beautifully! Ash is this year’s ‘villain’-turn-good and proved to be a good cook and have a sense of humour and don’t the high horse attitude which the promos early on tried to depict her to be.

Advantage: Ash and Camilla

Round 2: Cook a Vegetarian Dish, 45 minutes
Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Okra
Ash and Camilla who have the advantage get to choose who cook with which vegetable
Winner will be safe and proceed to the Finals

Mushrooms: Ash and Camilla
Okra: Jane and Emma
Cauliflower: Eva and Debra

Braised Mushrooms with Ricotta Gnocchi (Ash and Camilla)
Cauliflower Curry with Cauliflower Rice and Pakora (Eva and Debra)
Okra Fritters with Chilli Mayo and Asian Slaw (Emma and Jane)

Eva and Debra, and Ash and Camilla both have very good dishes with one bad element, Emma and Jane don’t have a chance.

Winner: Ash and Camilla

Round 3: Signature Dish, 90 minutes

Team 1: Eva and Debra
Braised Oxtail with Roasted Bone Marrow (Eva and Debra)
Score: 51/60

Team 2: Jane and Emma
Spiced Sweet Potato Pie with Raspberry and Peach Sorbet (Emma and Jane)
Score: 45/60

Eliminated: Jane and Emma

LOL, looks like Eva and Debra have never made that dressing before, and that’s their signature dish?
Jane and Emma were composed, Eva and Debra were frantic, so will the result be reversed?
Tomorrow Final 5 will go around the country again with the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round.

MKR6 Final5 2015

Ep 41, Monday, April 20, 2015As Long As Sous-Vide Fixated Fiasco Doesn’t Accidentally Sous-Vide Bianca
Wild Pastures (Drasko and Bianca, WA Ultimate Round)
Bianca’s Pho Bo with Homemade Rice Noodles (Drasko and Bianca) – Pete
Seared Scallops with Chestnut Velouté (Drasko and Bianca) – Manu
Veal with Truffled Pine Nut Purée and Crispy Zucchini Flowers (Drasko and Bianca) – Manu
Tea-Smoked Quail with Mushroom Cream (Drasko and Bianca) – Pete
First Date Lemon Tart (Drasko and Bianca) – Pete
Chocolate Delice with Mandarin Caviar (Drasko and Bianca) – Manu

It is going to be a long, long night, there are yawning galore around the table, and can’t wait for the score of 1 from the judges, wonder which dish? Could it be the sous-vide veal, that would be hilarious!
2 hours after entrées, still cooking mains! Ash’s hair is getting puffier!
2 1/2 hours, still waiting!
Jeez, out comes the foam gun! LOL, the foam is watery, HILARIOUS…
The poor quail, looks like it was sat on by something…
Grilled lemon tart!
George would be in heaven with Fiasco’s dessert platings, just up his alley!
LOL, so small servings for mains and desserts, I would still be hungry especially with the long wait…
Looks like one of the desserts gets a one.
Pete gave a 1 for the lemon tart!

Score: 51/100

Tomorrow, Eva and Debra, and they are just not consistent enough. Will it be a good night or a bad night for them?

MKR6 starts in NZ this week, and NZ Herald has rehashed the gossip mag, Woman’s Day articles we’ve read before from previous years, but good to be reminded the behind-the-scenes shenanigans cooked up by the producers:
Five My Kitchen Rules secrets to remember when watching the show

Ep 42, Tuesday, April 21, 2015The Return of Kat, via Bianca
Spice Market (Eva and Debra, WA Ultimate Round)
Grilled Scampi with Sambal Beans (Eva and Debra) – Pete
Chinese Braised Beef Ribs (Eva and Debra) – Manu
Red Duck Curry with Lychees (Eva and Debra) – Pete
Steamed Barramundi with Chilli, Spring Onion and Ginger (Eva and Debra) – Manu
Singaporean Sugee Cake with Orange Ice-Cream (Eva and Debra) – Manu
Pandan Ice-Cream with Coconut Jelly and Kaffir Lime Syrup (Eva and Debra) – Pete

I’m just wondering after seeing them going home to see their family that how often did Eva and Debra actually cook at home? In most Asian family, it is always grandma/mother who did the bulk of cooking if they still live at home, and that could explain their inconsistency with their cooking, and not knowing their Asian vegetables. I suspect they may have their family recipes and watch/help their elders cook, but they did not actually cook them themselves at home a lot because grandma/mother always cook for them.
LOL, Bianca has turned into Kat!
How could the braised beef be overcooked, isn’t that the whole point, to cook as long as possible so they melt in the mouth?
Loved how Shaz gave it back to Bianca with her bitchy comments!
LOL, Shaz about the Pandan Ice Cream!
Bianca is contradicting herself! First she said the dishes were not pushing the boundaries during the dinner, then complaining that Eva and Debra tried to modernise the traditional dishes and not stuck with their heritage during scoring, WTF?
Wow, the other teams scored very generously last night, and quite tough tonight. The other teams must expect Eva and Debra to be more competition than Drasko and Bianca. Mostly 6s tonight compared to mostly 5s last night, no way there was just one point difference, tonight’s dinner were much much better than last night which has not got a single good dish, on top of long wait between courses, and miniscule serving size! Only Will and Steve gave reasonable scores, 4 for last night and 6 tonight.

Score: 63/100

Ep 43, Wednesday, April 22, 2015The Ego of Fiasco
The China Plate (Will and Steve, NSW Ultimate Round)
Pigeon Salad with Caramelised Pears and Asparagus (Will and Steve) – Pete
Moreton Bay Bugs with Celeriac Remoulade and Seafood Bisque (Will and Steve) – Manu
Lamb Backstrap with Pumpkin Hummus and Charred Brussels Sprouts (Will and Steve) – Manu
Pork Belly with Apple, Fennel and Colcannon (Will and Steve) – Pete
Apple Tart with Rum and Raisin Ice-Cream and Butterscotch Sauce (Will and Steve) – Manu
Almond Honeycomb Chocolate Bar (Will and Steve) – Pete

The onion, LOL, only a small piece, the promo made it sound like Will chucked a handful of onion into the custard!
The honeycomb looked soft and chewy, shouldn’t it be crunchy?
They hi-five over the ego thingy? That was a compliment???
Bianca had the gall to complain about the entrée being late and going to score accordingly on that? How about the 3-hour wait the others had to endure for the mains in Fiasco’s kitchen two nights ago?
The pigeon entrée is the most beautiful dish Pete had ever seen in MKR history…
Thank goodness for Ash’s googly eyed post dinner commentaries, making up for all the Fiasco/Biach negativities about every small details of the dishes! Wonder if Bianca has been like that all through the competition, but the editing team just edited all that out and focused on Kat instead, but now revealing her true self after Kat’s gone?
Shaz is in high spirit tonight, loving all her comments!
2 good entrees, 2 good mains so far!
Finally a positive comment from Bianca, conceding defeat after 4 good dishes came out?
3 nights in, 5 failed desserts and just one good one from tonight! Surprised the good one is the chocolate honeycomb bar with the chewy honeycomb?
46 points already after the scores from the judges for the entrées and team scores!
First perfect score for the lamb main this round! Another 10 for pork main!

Score: 79/100

Manu did My France, Pete went Paleo, now Colin does Ireland:
MKR judge Colin Fassnidge gets emotional returning to Ireland for new show

Ep 44, Sunday, April 26, 2015For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
Stack (Jac and Shaz, QLD Ultimate Round)
Fried Squid with Chilli Jam (Jac and Shaz) – Pete
Prawn and Leek Tart with Basil Pesto (Jac and Shaz) – Manu
Sweet Potato and Walnut Chicken Roulade with White Wine Jus (Jac and Shaz) – Manu
Macadamia Crusted Barramundi with Beetroot and Orange Salad (Jac and Shaz) – Pete
Poached Pears with Cinnamon Ice-Cream and Hazelnut Crumb (Jac and Shaz) – Manu
Cherry Short Stack (Jac and Shaz) – Pete

Will is wilting in the heat…
Geez, Fiasco and Biach now saying flavour is the key, not techniques, and that was their mistakes, NO, it was your arrogance, thinking you are better than the other teams!
Even if they cooked last, they would still say other teams cooked simple food and they wanted to wow with their techniques, and failed miserably all the same!
Loved how the other teams all ganged up on Fiasco and Biach about their negativities with a song from Mary Poppins, so appropriate…
“For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go down, the medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way”

So far 4 good solid dishes, they can’t get lower than 51 from here surely, even if disaster looks like striking with desserts…
Sherry Short Stack??? LOL.
Not much disaster as the promo suggested, only the coulis…
Again two not so good desserts, lost in flavour but at least still edible…
All 6 from the other teams! Only need 28 from the judges to beat Fiasco!
39 after entrees’ scores from the judges!
56 after mains’ scores! Don’t even need desserts’ scores to beat Fiasco, hahaha, good honest comfort food rules!

Score: 65/100

Ep 45, Monday, April 27, 2015Divine!
Dans la Maison (Ash and Camilla, VIC Ultimate Round)
Asparagus Salad with 63 Degree Egg (Ash and Camilla) – Pete
Scallop Mousse with Lobster Sauce (Ash and Camilla) – Manu
Coq Au Vin with Pasta (Ash and Camilla) – Manu
Three Cheese Ravioli with Game Consommé (Ash and Camilla) – Pete
Gâteau De Trois Laits (Ash and Camilla) – Pete
Mille-Feuille (Ash and Camilla) – Manu

No way, they forgot to buy lemons, and they spent a leisurely time decorating their instant restaurant!
Looks like Camilla is taking the head chef role, Ash was getting a bit lost when Camilla had to rush out to get the lemons.
Ash is very flustered tonight, so funny! Almost forgot to present their menu… and even uttered the word toilet in the dining room full of guests! Not very socialite-like.
Loved how Shaz innocently told Drasko, “You’re a gammon, mate!” After he enquired what the word gammon means…
63-degree-egg always makes me imagine the egg standing at 63 degrees angle, LOL
Good feedbacks for both entrées, asparagus dish not perfect but still good.
Geez, Bianca has the nerve to tell Camilla to “hang in there” as if Ash and Camilla had a disaster night, delusion setting in very fast, and Drasko saying the consommé is not clear to Steve, and good on Steve for saying it looks clear to him!
Camilla had dropped the ball with the mains, both the consommé for the ravioli and choice of cuts of chicken and plating of the Coq Au Vin. However I suspect the judges made a point of criticising to make it look like Drasko and Bianca still had a chance.
Puff pastry works!
Cake is sensational, but the whole dish not perfect, still good. Puff pastry is perfect!
Finally two good desserts!
No way Ash and Camilla will not get more than 51!
Teams score only 20! Someone is scoring strategically surely!
9 and 7 for entrées.
5 and 6 for mains.
6 and 9 for desserts!

Score: 62/100

Eliminated: Drasko and Bianca (Thank goodness!)

Noooooooooooo, Will and Steve vs Ash and Camilla in Semi-Final 1.
Jac and Shaz vs Eva and Debra in Semi-Final 2.

MKR website has finally revealed how each team scored at Ash and Camilla’s instant restaurant. Drasko and Bianca scored a 3, definitely clutching at straws with their strategic scoring, when Ash and Camilla had 2 near perfect dishes where they got to eat one of those two dishes. If they thought Ash and Camilla’s only worth a 3, then their own instant restaurant could not have worth more than 1 when they served 6 average, or failed dishes. Will and Steve even scored a 5 when they did not get to eat both the near perfect dishes at Ash and Camilla’s.

Ep 46, Tuesday, April 28, 2015Will and Steve vs Ash and Camilla
Semi-Final 1

Team 1: Ash and Camilla
Moreton Bay Bug with Artichoke Veloute (Ash and Camilla)
Veal Loin with Pumpkin Beurre Noisette Purée and Truffle Gnocchi (Ash and Camilla)
Rocky Road (Ash and Camilla)
Score: 44/60

Team 2: Will and Steve
Smoked Trout with Celery, Apple and Fennel (Will and Steve)
Rib-Eye with Root Vegetable Galette and Port Jus (Will and Steve)
Blackberry, Lime and Elderflower Tart (Will and Steve)
Score: 48/60

Is nobody supporting Will and Steve? Both the other two female teams look like they are watching and supporting Ash and Camilla. I’m going for Ash and Camilla for the win too, Ash is more interesting to watch with all her facial expressions and occasional operatic outbursts!
Ash just told us she added an extra gelatine leaf to the jelly to make sure it set in time, then editing cut to her saying she’s not going to deviate from what she usually does… She is going gaga…
Will’s smoker is going up in flame!
Both entrées got good reviews, except maybe the veloute is too thick but judges still loved its silkiness…
Will is having trouble with the pastry (again), while Ash is having potato trouble…
Potato gnocchi has become ricotta gnocchi!
Veal dish is good except for the last-minute ricotta gnocchi which is not perfect, too dense. Rib-eye not the best dish in the competition, jus lost in all the other elements!
Did they have a master class on making chocolate soil? Third straight night it appears…
Italian meringue over-whipped! Steve decided to ditch it!
Tart dessert good! Rocky road also good!

Eliminated: Ash and Camilla Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! They obviously want the first male team to win this year…

Ep 47, Sunday, May 3, 2015Jac and Shaz vs Eva and Debra
Semi-Final 2

Team 1: Jac and Shaz
Chicken Livers with Port and Prosciutto (Jac and Shaz)
Tea smoked Duck with Fennel Purée and Cranberries (Jac and Shaz)
Lime and Coconut Sorbet with Pineapple and Meringue (Jac and Shaz)
Score: 49/60

Team 2: Eva and Debra
Crumbed Fish Cakes Mango Chutney (Eva and Debra)
Pork Vindaloo with Spiced Eggplant (Eva and Debra)
Mango Pudding with Coconut Sago (Eva and Debra)
Score: 44/60

LOL, don’t know if there was too long a gap since the first semi-final, suddenly felt very uninterested in tonight’s semi-final 2.
Even though I like both teams tonight, just doesn’t have the drama and oomph, I think Eva and Debra are just too inconsistent, so hoping for a Jac and Shaz win. It is quite obvious Eva and Debra are not those cooks who have to cook every night for themselves or the family, or not yet anyway, more likely like most young people just weekend hobby cooks, but Jac and Shaz clearly have to cook every night for the family so there is a confidence in their cooking and not making amateur silly mistakes like Eva and Debra tend to do every time they cooked.

Eliminated: Eva and Debra

Ep 48, Monday, May 4, 2015Jac and Shaz vs Will and Steve

Team 1: Jac and Shaz
Prawns, Avocado and Pink Grapefruit (Jac and Shaz)
Lamb with Feta, Beetroot and Rosemary Honey (Jac and Shaz)
Confit Salmon with Roasted Fennel and Avocado Mousse (Jac and Shaz)
Beef Cheeks with port and Celeriac Purée (Jac and Shaz)
Red Velvet with Chocolate and Raspberries (Jac and Shaz)
Score: 50/60

Team 2: Will and Steve
Cured Kingfish with Yellow Curry (Will and Steve)
Quail with Corn and Jus (Will and Steve)
Red Mullet with Jerusalem Artichoke and Basil (Will and Steve)
Confit Duck leg with honeyed Beetroot and Compressed Watermelon (Will and Steve)
Peaches and Cream (Will and Steve)
Score: 52/60

MKR 2015 Champions: Will and Steve

Not really interested in the result tonight… Don’t care who wins since there are apparently real chefs in the back kitchen cooking those dishes for them in case there were undercooking or overcooking going on by the teams outside…
LOL, after Steve cut his finger de-boning quails, I was fascinated by the editing of his bandage, one minute there’s the bandage, next no bandage, next blue glove, next no bandage, next bandage appeared again… Will also had two bandages at one stage, but both of them ended the night with perfect hands, no bandages at all???


  1. Hi there
    so glad I found your Blog esp your article on MKR. We have just started this season about 6 weeks ago in Malaysia on Cable TV.
    I was also amazed and shocked at what was put out as Nasi Lemak by the Singaporean/Malaysian team.
    Really – dry Sambal and Chicken Wings and that was definitely not Kangkong.
    It was def small Sawi. Doesn’t she know her vegies or was she trying to fool the viewers?
    What a let-down for Nasi Lemak..these two should definitely not have been cooking on the show!
    I was cringing watching them blunder their way through…and the ginger used in the soup oh boy! definitely overload.
    Taste-buds: Obviously zero!!!!
    Why do most of the contestants end up messing their whole dinner I wonder?

    I am going to enjoy reading your comments as I continue watching the show definitely
    Thanks again and regards from Ipoh, Malaysia,
    Mrs Singh

    Comment by Mrs Singh — May 28, 2015 @ 2:51 am | Reply

    • You are welcome.

      However don’t bother watching MKR for the cooking prowess of the contestants. This show is about the conflicts and drama between teams, and “Good” vs “Evil”. Whenever they cast “evil” teams, the more “evil”, the more people watched. Viewers loved to see the comeuppance they get in the end, LOL, because the “evil” teams can’t cook and never win. That said, Eva and Debra were not very good, very up and down in their cooking, but they were cast as one of the “likable” teams. Nevertheless enjoy watching the rest of the show 🙂

      Comment by SeaDragon — May 28, 2015 @ 10:10 am | Reply

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