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July 5, 2014

Taste Le Tour 10 (2014)

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Taste le Tour 2014

Guide to French cheese

Saturday July 5, 2014, Stage 1 – Leeds > Harrogate
French chef Gabriel Gaté welcomes viewers to Taste Le Tour 2014 from the beautiful English region of Yorkshire, where he discovers some popular local specialties. In the kitchen, Gabriel makes a delicious English dessert of rhubarb and strawberry fool.
Rhubarb and strawberry fool

Sunday July 6, 2014, Stage 2 – York > Sheffield
Gabriel Gaté visits the stunning English town of York and the equally stunning coast of Yorkshire. Here, he discovers some of the most popular English fish species. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares a classic English fisherman’s pie.
Fisherman’s pie

Monday July 7, 2014, Stage 3 – Cambridge > Londres (London)
On his final day in England, Gabriel Gaté finds himself in London where he visits a fabulous cheese shop and meets a top British chef. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares a hearty steak and kidney casserole with carrots.
Steak and kidney casserole with carrots

Tuesday July 8, 2014, Stage 4 – Le Touquet-Paris-Plage > Lille Métropole
After three days in England, Gabriel discovers the greatest specialty of the north of France, le fromage de Maroille – one of France’s tastiest cheeses. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares a superb scallop mousse with a prawn sauce.
Scallop mousse with a prawn sauce (mousseline de coquilles St Jacques sauce crevette)

Wednesday July 9, 2014, Stage 5 – Ypres > Arenberg Porte du Hainaut
French chef Gabriel Gaté visits the atmospheric Flemish market of the attractive town of Ypres in Belgium and tastes a local beer. In the kitchen, Gabriel cooks a rabbit carbonnade the Flemish way.
Flemish rabbit carbonnade (carbonnade de lapin à la flamande)

Thursday July 10, 2014, Stage 6 – Arras > Reims
Gabriel Gaté is in the Champagne region, where he meets a very talented French chef and visits the splendid cellars of the champagne house of Pommery. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares a delicate dish of chicken cooked in Champagne.
Chicken with Champagne and mushroom sauce (poulet au Champagne et champignons)

Friday July 11, 2014, Stage 7 – Épernay > Nancy
In Lorraine, Gabriel Gaté checks out Nancy, and visits a gorgeous Art Nouveau brasserie. He meets up with a pâtissier who is famous for his traditional macarons de Nancy and other local delicacies. In the kitchen, Gabriel makes the town’s renowned chocolate cake.
Nancy’s chocolate cake (gâteau au chocolat de Nancy)

Saturday July 12, 2014, Stage 8 – Tomblaine > Gérardmer La Mauselaine
The region of Lorraine on the Alsace border produces the wonderful cheese called Munster, and French chef Gabriel Gaté drops in to see a farmer who makes it to perfection. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares the famous local plum tart.
Plum tart (tarte aux quetches)

Sunday July 13, 2014, Stage 9 – Gérardmer > Mulhouse
Gabriel Gaté is thrilled to be in Alsace, one of his favourite French regions, where he seeks out an outstanding charcutier who shows him the best of the region. In the kitchen, Gabriel cooks a hearty ham knuckle with braised cabbage.
Ham knuckle with braised green cabbage (jambonneau braisé aux choux)

Monday July 14, 2014, Stage 10 – Mulhouse > La Planche des Belles Filles
Gabriel Gaté discovers the gastronomical delights of the beautiful region of Alsace. He visits a distillery that makes outstanding fruit eau-de-vie. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares a delicious red fruit gratin with Pear Williams liqueur.
Red fruit gratin with pear liqueur (gratin de fruits rouge à l’eau de vie de Poire Williams)

Rest day, Tuesday, July 15, 2014 – Besançon

Wednesday July 16, 2014, Stage 11 – Besançon > Oyonnax
Gabriel Gaté visits the region of Franche Comté, which produces Morbier and Comté – two of the world’s most popular cheeses. He meets a local chef who makes the most of the local ingredients. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares a gourmet cheese salad.
Gourmet cheese salad (salade gourmande au fromage)

Thursday July 17, 2014, Stage 12 – Bourg-en-Bresse > Saint-Étienne
French chef Gabriel Gaté is in the wonderful region of Beaujolais to taste the light, fruity local wines made with gamay grapes. He also meets a talented local chef, then in the kitchen makes a dessert of poached cherries in Beaujolais syrup.
Cherry and Beaujolais syrup with almonds (soupe aux cerises au Beaujolais et aux amandes)

Friday July 18, 2014, Stage 13 – Saint-Étienne > Chamrousse
French chef Gabriel Gaté admires the beauty of the French Alps and locates a farmer who makes one of Gabriel’s all-time favourite fromages, Saint Marcellin. In the kitchen, Gabriel whips up a delicious zucchini and Saint Marcellin cheese flan.
Zucchini and cheese flan (flan de courgettes au Saint-Marcellin)

Saturday July 19, 2014, Stage 14 – Grenoble > Risoul
Gabriel Gaté enjoys his last day in the beautiful French Alps by staying in a local château. He meets some local food artisans and tastes their specialties. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares the popular dish of apple fritters.
Apple fritters (beignets aux pommes)

Sunday July 20, 2014, Stage 15 – Tallard > Nîmes
The north of Provence is outstandingly beautiful, and French chef Gabriel Gaté tastes the local specialty to discover why the lamb here is so good. In the kitchen, Gabriel cooks a grilled loin of lamb with olives and capsicum.
Grilled lamb loin with capsicum and olives (filet d’agneau rôti aux olives et poivrons)

Rest day Monday, July 21, 2014 – Carcassonne

Tuesday July 22, 2014, Stage 16 – Carcassonne > Bagnères-de-Luchon
Gabriel Gaté discovers the gourmet specialties of the amazing town of Carcassonne, in the sunny Languedoc/Roussillon region. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares little friand cakes with stewed apricots.
Almond and apricot friands (financiers aux amandes et abricots)

Wednesday July 23, 2014, Stage 17 – Saint-Gaudens > Saint-Lary Pla d’Adet
Gabriel Gaté enjoys his stay in the picturesque Pyrenees, where he goes to see a local cheesemaker who makes very tasty mountain cheeses. In the kitchen, Gabriel makes a superb onion soup with croûtons and melted cheese.
Onion soup with Pyrenees cheese (gratinée à la tomme des Pyrénées)

Thursday July 24, 2014, Stage 18 – Pau > Hautacam
Gabriel Gaté enjoys his final day in the Pyrenees, visiting a family of artisans who have made wonderful patisseries, ice-cream and chocolate for several generations. In the kitchen, Gabriel bakes an appetising prune and raisin tart.
Prune and raisin tart (tarte aux pruneaux et raisins secs)

Friday July 25, 2014, Stage 19 – Maubourguet Pays du Val d’Adour > Bergerac
Chef Gabriel Gaté loves the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne region. He tastes the local specialties and finds some of the best local wine. In the kitchen, Gabriel roasts some quail and serves them with grapes and chestnuts.
Quail with grapes and chestnuts (cailles aux raisins et aux marrons)

Saturday July 26, 2014, Stage 20 – Bergerac > Périgueux
In the region of Périgueux, famous for its hearty food, Gabriel Gaté meets an old friend who used to cook for a French president. In the kitchen, Gabriel prepares duck fillets served with cèpe mushrooms and a green peppercorn sauce.
Duck fillet with porcini mushrooms and green peppercorn sauce (filet de canard aux cèpes, sauce au poivre vert)

Sunday July 27, 2014, Stage 21 – Évry > Paris Champs-Élysées
In the last episode of Taste Le Tour 2014, Gabriel Gaté enjoys the beauty of Paris and visits an amazing Parisian restaurant. In the kitchen, Gabriel makes a modern version of millefeuilles with raspberries and pistachio cream.
Raspberry millefeuilles (millefeuilles aux framboises)

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