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March 15, 2013

The Great Australian Bake Off (2013)

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The Great Australian Bake Off

GABO Contestants 2013

The Great Australian Bake Off

Channel Ten has MasterChef Australia, Channel 7 has My kitchen Rules, now Channel Nine has finally joined the cook off with The Great Australian Bake Off which is based on the very successful The Great British Bake Off on BBC2. It will premiere in April after Easter, just as season 4 of My kitchen Rules reaches its finale, so a nice transition from one cooking show to another baking show. Nine also has the ABC (US) reality series, The Taste, with Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre & Brian Malarkey which they will air sometimes later this year.
The two co-hosts for The Great Australian Bake Off are Anna Gare (previously one of the judges on Junior MasterChef Australia) and Shane Jacobson (actor/comedian), and the two judges are Dan Lepard and Kerry Vincent. Ironically, both judges are Aussies but more well-known overseas than here. Master baker Dan Lepard is more familiar to UK readers as he writes a column for the UK newspaper, The Guardian, called How to Bake. Master sugar artist and self-taught cake designer Kerry Vincent is known in the U.S. as the tough judge on their reality show, Food Network Challenge.

Update March 28, 2013: Great Australian Bake Off cooling its heels

Update June 13, 2013: Looks like The Great Australian Bake Off will finally premiere next month on Channel 9 according to this review which gave it a thumbs up – Winning formula is a piece of cake

Update June 16, 2013: Some best-of recipes from Dan Lepard:
Dan Lepard’s baking: 10 best biscuit recipes
Dan Lepard’s baking: 10 best bread recipes
Soft slider buns recipe (LOL, surprised but delighted to find Dan also used the 65 degrees water-roux method, albeit his adapted version for this recipe)

Update June 25, 2013: Finally, a date for the premiere! The Great Australian bake Off will begin on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 8pm on NINE.

Update July 4, 2013: More recipes from Dan Lepard:
Dan Lepard’s gluten-free teatime bakes
Dan Lepard’s large Victoria sandwich recipe
Dan Lepard’s flatbread recipe

Update July 8, 2013:
Life’s a cake walk for Jacobson
Meet Dan Lepard, the most famous Australian cook you’ve never heard of
TV cooking competition that rises to the occasion


July 9, 2013 – Ep 1: Cakes

Bliss' Cupcakes

Bliss’ Cupcakes

Brendan's Cupcakes

Brendan’s Cupcakes

Jonathan's Cupcakes

Jonathan’s Cupcakes

Julie's Cupcakes

Julie’s Cupcakes

Maria's Cupcakes

Maria’s Cupcakes

Mark's Cupcakes

Mark’s Cupcakes

Monique's Cupcakes

Monique’s Cupcakes

Nancy's Cupcakes

Nancy’s Cupcakes

Sara-Jane's Cupcakes

Sara-Jane’s Cupcakes

Steve's Cupcakes

Steve’s Cupcakes

Chocolate and Orange Checkerboard Cake

Chocolate and Orange Checkerboard Cake

Signature Bake – 2 flavours x 12 cupcakes (Mark’s Orange and Grapefruit Curd Cupcakes, Steve’s Coffee and Whisky Cupcakes, Jonathan’s Na, Na, NaNa, Na Cupcakes (Banana – Peanut Butter), Sara-Jane’s Spiced Chocolate and Pear Cupcakes)
Technical BakeChocolate and Orange Checkerboard Cake
Showstopper Bake – Children Party Cake (Julie’s Honey Hive Cake, Monique’s Pool Cake, Mark’s Chocolate Mud Cake, Brendan’s “Decorate Me” Kids Rainbow Cake, Maria’s Vanilla and Raspberry Marble Cake with Pink Chocolate Mousse)

Wow, love the show. Finally, a show with competent contestants, and no inane repetitive recaps every few minutes like MCA! Those amazing cakes had me drooling from start to finish! Will definitely try to bake some of those recipes… Especially the Chocolate and Orange Checkerboard Cake, although that cake is huge, maybe I’ll try a smaller version making it like a Battenberg Cake in loaf tins. The ganache must be one of the missing instructions, seeing how varied all the ganaches were done by the different contestants.
And finally, LOL at all the weddings going on the background, was looking out for those shots after reading the interview with Dan Lepard

GABO inspired recipes from Nestlé Bakers’ Corner:
Vanilla and Chocolate Checkerboard Cake
Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cake
Swimming Pool Cake

More Dan Lepard’s recipes:
Dan Lepard’s almond and apricot tart
Dan Lepard’s honey almond parfait with warm apricots
Great Australian Bake Off: Dan Lepard’s small bake recipes (10 of the GABO judge’s most mouth-watering small bakes – Lamingtons, Rainbow cupcakes, Chocolate religieuses, Orange custard cream cupcakes, Cherry Ripe bars, Honey nut banana muffins, Spiced apple buns with blackcurrant icing, Sweet yoghurt and cream muffins, dairy- and egg-free Mocha fig muffins, Candied lemon friands)

Quick Chat with The Great Australian Bake Off Judge Dan Lepard
Sweet sugar art takes the cake
Bake Off cooks, Mole in deeper hole
Great Bake Off rises perfectly on debut
Adelaide Great Australia Bake Off contestant Monique Bowley in CWA grandma skills scone cook-off at farmers market

July 16, 2013 – Ep 2: Pies

Bliss' Showstopper Pies

Bliss’ Showstopper Pies

Brendan's Showstopper Pies

Brendan’s Showstopper Pies

Jonathan's Showstopper Pies

Jonathan’s Showstopper Pies

Julie's Showstopper Pies

Julie’s Showstopper Pies

Maria's Showstopper Pies

Maria’s Showstopper Pies

Mark's Showstopper Pies

Mark’s Showstopper Pies

Monique's Showstopper Pies

Monique’s Showstopper Pies

Nancy's Showstopper Pies

Nancy’s Showstopper Pies

Sara-Jane's Showstopper Pies

Sara-Jane’s Showstopper Pies

Signature Bake – Family Pie (Maria’s Aromatic Braised Beef Pie, Mark’s Cheese and Onion Pie, Bliss’ Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie)
Technical BakeLemon Meringue Pie
Showstopper Bake – 12 x Party Pies + 12 x Sausage Rolls + 12 x Pasties (Nancy’s Hickory Smoke BBQ Pork Pies, Brendan’s Satay Pork Sausage Rolls, Sara-Jane’s Cauliflower Cheese Pasties)

I’m hungry! The pies all looked so delicious…

Apple and Strawberry Pie (Anna Gare)
Bliss’ Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Pie, Brendan’s Chicken and Asparagus Pie with Cheese Pastry
Great Australian Bake Off: Dan Lepard’s pie and pastry recipes (Ten of the GABO judge’s most delicious pie and savoury pastry recipes – Stilton crust sausage rolls, Ale-crust potato pasties, Chicken and bacon pie with red wine and mustard crust, Sausage, sage and onion pasty with cheese crust, Eggplant turnovers, Pizza pies, Black Forest ham rolls, Summer pork pie, Mustard cheese twists, Black olive gougeres)
Dan Lepard’s naan bread recipes

GABO inspired recipes from Nestlé Bakers’ Corner:
Lemon Meringue Pie
Banoffee Pie
Salted Chocolate Puddle Pie
Pecan Pie
Coconut, Rhubarb and Raspberry, Frangipane White Chocolate Tart

Bake Off cooking in the ratings
Finally, a cake without trimmings
Latest helping is all in the oven

July 23, 2013 – Ep 3: Biscuits

Julie's Outdoor Dunny

Julie’s Outdoor Dunny

Mark's High Country Hut

Mark’s High Country Hut

Nancy's Gingerbread Carousel

Nancy’s Gingerbread Carousel

Signature Bake – 12 x 2 Aussie Assortments (Julie’s Macadamia, Mango and Passionfruit Shortbread, Jonathan’s Chocolate Wheel Biscuits, Mark’s Bitter Almond Anzacs, Brendan’s Lemon Myrtle Biscuits with Lemon Butter Cream, Sara-Jane’s Catastrophe Cookies)
Technical Bake – 12 x Brandy Snaps (10 filled + 2 unfilled)
Showstopper Bake – Edible Gingerbread Structure

How good were some of those gingerbread structures? But uh, oh, the church was in ruin, and the alpine village was struck by an avalanche…

GABO inspired recipes from Nestlé Bakers’ Corner:
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
Choc Chip Biscuits
Choc Cream Biscuits
Domino Biscuits
Salted Peanut Chocolate Petits Fours
Caramel & Mini Choc Chip Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Dan Lepard’s green apple and spinach goo cake recipe – A green apple cake for kids, transformed into a land of primordial green spinach goo and chocolate mud, populated by dinosaur cookies and jelly snakes …

Here’re some infos on the strawberry gum (Olida) flavouring that Mark used to make his gingerbread bush hut:
Strawberry Gum (Olida)
Australian Produce – Strawberry Gum – Olida (Organic) – Dried & Ground – 1 kg

July 30, 2013 – Ep 4: Tarts

Signature Bake – (Not Necessarily The Apple) Tarte Tatin (Monique’s Apple Tarte Tatin)
Technical BakeClassic Quiche Lorraine with Rough Puff Pastry
Showstopper Bake – (6 x Chocolate + 6 x Fruit) Miniature Sweet Tarts (Maria’s Jaffa Tarts with Orange Liqueur, Julie’s Passionfruit Mango Tarts)

LOL, Heatwave… What a day having to make pastry!

Julie’s Pear & Raspberry Frangipani Tart

GABO inspired recipes from Nestlé Bakers’ Corner:
Choc Orange Tarts
Chocolate Raspberry Tart

Nigella Lawson’s chocolate key lime pie recipe

Dan Lepard’s individual strawberry shortcakes recipe
Dan Lepard’s strawberry mascarpone custard crumble recipe
Top baker Lepard’s hot spot

August 6, 2013 – Ep 5: Bread Basket

Signature Bake – Free-Form Loaf (Monique’s Spiced Fruit Cider Bread, Nancy’s Dukkah and Macadamia Plaited Loaf, Maria’s Spinach & Cheese Plaited Bread)
Technical BakeCoffee Scrolls
Showstopper Bake – Display Bread Basket + 2 flavours x 12 rolls (Maria’s Orange and Walnut Rosettes)

Curious, weren’t they using instant yeast? Then why were they needing to activate the yeast since instant yeast can be added directly to the flour?

Dan Lepard’s Aussie scrolls recipe
Dan Lepard’s sourdough recipe
Dan Lepard’s brioche loaf recipe
Dan Lepard’s chocolate and pecan brioche twists recipe

GABO inspired recipes from Nestlé Bakers’ Corner:
Banana, Hazelnut and Chocolate Easter Bread

Dan Lepard’s wheat corn tortillas and spiced beef recipe

August 13, 2013 – Ep 6: Desserts

Signature Bake – Baked Cheesecake (Jonathan’s Cherry and Polish Cottage Cheese Cheesecake)
Technical BakeLayered Pavlova Torte
Showstopper Bake – Celebration Cake (Monique’s Three-Tiered Ombre Cake with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Maria’s Red Velvet Engagement Cake, Nancy’s Orange Blossom Kokeshi Doll Cake)

Nancy’s Mixed Berry Cheesecake
Dan Lepard’s Black Forest chocolate cake

GABO inspired recipes from Nestlé Bakers’ Corner:
Baked Choc Cheesecake
La Religieuse (The Nun)

August 20, 2013 – Ep 7: Pastries

Signature Bake – Gluten-Free Fruit Tart for 8 (Jonathan’s Strawberry Crème Brûlée Tart, Maria’s Spiced Raspberry Tart, Nancy’s Pear, Walnut and Gorgonzola Tart)
Technical Bake – 6 x Breakfast Croissants
Showstopper Bake – Strudel for 8 (, )

Semi-Final already, so quick… LOL, love Shane, Strrrruuuuudel…

Monique’s Apple and Rhubarb Strudel

Dan Lepard’s pumpkin cheesecake recipe
Dan Lepard’s pumpkin whey bread recipe

August 27, 2013 – Ep 8: Finale

Love, love, love the show! Really hope it is coming back next year.

But really frustrated with Channel 9. Are they trying to kill off GABO? The show started at 8pm in the first 3 weeks (could be 4 weeks), and those episodes were rating well. But after that it was shown at random time after 8:30pm, from 8:35pm to around 8:45pm, and the ratings started to slide downward, and who can blame the viewers having to chase around the different timeslots and just giving up. Even with the repeats on Saturday, they were also rating well (for repeats) at 6:30pm for the first few episodes, then, they moved the repeats to mid afternoon on Saturday. I know a lot of casual viewers were thinking the show had been cancelled when they were not on at the usual time because the stats here in my blog showed people googling about the show being cancelled and the search engines brought them here to my blog! No surprise, lo and behold on finale night tonight, it is more than 20 minutes late from the advertised time of 8:34pm, and started just before 9pm… Geeezzzzzzz…. I don’t know if the show is coming back next year, and if not, I hope ABC picks it up because this show is more suitable on ABC than a commercial network.

Signature Bake – Multi-Layer Gateaux (Nancy’s Passionfruit and Dark Chocolate Gâteau, )
Technical BakeLa Religieuse
Showstopper Bake – 3 types x 12 petits fours (Maria’s Toffee Cream Choux, Nancy’s Lychee Rose St Honoré)

And the winner is……………………….
Nancy! Congratulations! The least experienced but the most creative contestant won, well done!

Bake Off champion heads to Sydney

August , 2013 – Ep :

Signature Bake – (, )
Technical Bake
Showstopper Bake – (, )

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  1. can’t believe how good Anna looks after all these years . first seen her in stark and has progressed to be even more attractive since then , wow

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