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September 9, 2012

Poh’s Kitchen 3, Rick Stein Tastes The Blues, Yes Chef, A Taste of Travel & Love To Share

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Update September 13, 2012: Just found out that ABC2 is airing season 2 of The Great Food Truck Race starting tomorrow night, September 14, 2012 at 7:30pm. It is a fun, light entertaining series perfect for the start of the weekend which I was hooked when ABC2 aired season 1 last year, it is like a cross between My Kitchen Rules and The Amazing Race, so give it a go if you have not seen it before. Season 3 is currently screening in the US on Food Network.


This week, there is going to be a sluice of culinary/travel shows premiering on both ABC1 and Ten. As most of these new shows verge on culinary documentaries and travelogues more than cooking and recipes, I am putting them all here rather than in individual post.
On Tuesday, September 11, 2012, ABC1 begins the third series of Poh’s Kitchen at 8pm. This six-part series called Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand will be more of a documentary feel with a social conscience where we will see Poh lending a hand to people who are using cooking to help heal, inspire and change lives.
Following Poh’s Kitchen Lends a Hand on ABC1 at 8:30pm, the premiere of Rick Stein Tastes the Blues, a one-off special where Rick Stein combines two of his favourite passions in an evocative celebration of the music and food of the American Deep South.
Then on Saturday afternoon, September 15, 2012, beginning at 3pm, three new shows will premiere back-to-back on Ten. First at 3pm is Yes Chef hosted by Chef Dominique Rizzo. Made by the team that brought us Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong and Huey’s Kitchen, this show will feature a great array of food professionals and take viewers inside some of the most famous restaurant kitchens, with some of our most known chefs and locations here and overseas and join them as they visit local farmers and producers who inspire their dishes. Yes Chef will feature two chefs per episode and include such familiar names as Alla Wolf Tasker, Matt Wilkinson, Jacques Reymond, Frank Camorra and Ian Curley.
Then at 3:30pm on Ten, A Taste of Travel begins which will be hosted by two former MasterChef Australia alumni Alana Lowes and Skye Craig, together with actor/presenter Scotty McRae. The show will meld some of the most idyllic locations and cuisines, experiencing the specialties that each destination has to offer, from goulash in Budapest to Asian fusion in The Barossa.
Finally at 4pm, following Yes Chef and A Taste of Travel on Ten, it will be the turn of another MasterChef Australia alumni, Aaron Harvie with his new show Love to Share Food. Together with author Arabella Forge and resident chefs Darren Robertson and Rebecca Sullivan, the show will feature a vibrant and entertaining take on the modern day cooking each week. Thanks to TV Tonight for some of the info.

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