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February 23, 2012

Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong

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Update March 14, 2012: SBS is adding another name as a presenter to its excellent food programmes. This time non other than the winner of Season 2 MasterChef Australia in 2010, Adam Liaw. He is set to host Destination Flavour with another familiar face from SBS, Lily Serna of Letters and Numbers. They will also be joined by Dr Renee Lim of Food Investigators, another of SBS show.

luke nguyen's greater mekong

The third series from Chef Luke Nguyen, focusing on the Greater Mekong, starts tonight on SBS One at 7:30pm.
In this ten-part food series, Luke Nguyen takes a culinary journey across the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia. He journeys across three of the six countries that make up the Greater Mekong region: Yunnan Province in China, Myanmar and Thailand. Beginning in south-west China, Luke explores the culinary cultures and centuries old traditions of Yunnan Province, from the Naxi people of Lijiang to the Dai communities of Xishuangbana.

Ep 1, February 23, 2012: Kunming, China
Uyghur spicy beef skewers 维吾尔烤肉串
Fish mint stem and tofu salad 凉拌节节根
Crossing the bridge noodles (昆明)过桥米线

Ep 2, March 1, 2012: Dali and Shaxi, China
Dali vegetarian rice noodle stir-fry 大理炒饵丝
Steamed fish with salted soy beans and glass noodles 豆酱清蒸鱼
Wild shaxi mushrooms wok tossed with cured pork 菌丝炒腊肉
Lucky red braised pork belly 红糟烧肉

Ep 3, March 8, 2012: Lijiang, China
One-thousand layer pork belly 千层肉(丽江扣肉)
Lijiang baba 阿姨的丽江粑粑
Chargrilled fish with crispy mint 纳西烤鱼(东巴烤鱼)

Ep 4, March 15, 2012: Xishuangbana, China
Tea-infused sticky sesame dumplings 汤圆
Chargrilled lemongrass Telopea fish (西双版纳傣族)葱茅烤鱼
Chargrilled banana leaf, filled with chicken and Asian herbs (西双版纳傣族)包烧鸡肉

Ep 5, March 22, 2012: Yangon, Myanmar
Vegetable wraps
King prawn and tomato curry

Ep 6, March 29, 2012: Inle Lake, Myanmar
Green tomato salad
Chickpea tofu soup
Crispy spring onion fritter

Ep 7, April 5, 2012: Keng Tung, Myanmar
Young bamboo shoots stuffed with pork and ginger leaf
Warm buffalo-skin salad
Stir-fried aromatic smoked beef

Red bamboo salad

Ep 8, April 12, 2012: Chiang Khong, Thailand
Catfish tom yum
Rice paddy frog curry
Pork chargrilled in bamboo

Ep 9, April 19, 2012: Mae Salong, Thailand
Slow-braised pork hock with star anise and cassia
Spicy tomato dip
Banana trunk and chicken curry

Ep 10, April 26, 2012: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chargrilled Chiang Mai pork belly
Warm young jackfruit salad


  1. I think the show is an honour, and its great to watch luke cook healthy food.
    i love to meet him one day when he returns to Australia. his a great chef and i love to visti his restraunt one day.

    Comment by Nicole yung — March 22, 2012 @ 7:11 pm | Reply

    • Yep, fantastic series, really enjoyed Luke’s travels in more uncommon places that we don’t usually see in cooking shows.

      Comment by SeaDragon — March 23, 2012 @ 5:39 pm | Reply

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