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January 29, 2012

My Kitchen Rules 3 (2012)

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What a difference a year makes. This time last year, My Kitchen Rules (MKR) was an appetiser that I would not mind missing and I was looking forward to the main course, MasterChef Australia (MCA) later in the year. However after the disappointment that was the third season of MCA, this year I am not pinning my hope that the fourth instalment of MCA will return to its former glory, well if it does it will be fantastic, but I will take my first main course this year with MKR.
My Kitchen Rules series 3 returns tomorrow night at 7:30pm on Seven. This year the show will air 4 nights a week from Monday to Thursday and for the first time include a team from New Zealand.
Now, if only they could fast forward the superfluous Come-Dine-With-Me styled instant restaurant rounds and straight to the competition at Kitchen Headquarter…

MKR3 Episode Recaps

Update February 2, 2012: I am really enjoying the show so far this year, well as long as I disregard all the snide comments from a few of the contestants. Last year, I only got hooked mid way through the series and did not watch most of the instant restaurant rounds. I have to say that after reading through some of the comments about last night’s dessert from SA team, Leigh and Jennifer, I am very surprised that no one seemed to pick up on the fact that the dessert served on a square tile was a copy of Dan Hong’s Pressure Test from last year MasterChef Australia! Dan Hong did the tile thing with his dessert, Pandan Chiffon Cake with Sago, Coconut Praline and Black Sesame Ice Cream. And Leigh and Jennifer’s dessert? Surprise, surprise, Custard Pandan Chiffon with Sago, Sesame Seed Praline and Passionfruit Mousse

Update February 10, 2012: Hmm, does anyone have the feeling that the contestants are not allowed to have printed/written copies of “their” recipes on hand when they cooked, that is, they have to cook from memory? I am questioning because how could they’ve made such drastic mistake such as Sam and Jillian, the first couple from group 2, did on Wednesday night? Sam put the Parmesan Pillow into the oven to bake but from “their” recipe released on the MKR website, it was not supposed to be baked at all! And guess what, that was another copycat recipe, taken from Gourmet Traveller magazine, the original recipe Green Pea Soup with Parmesan Marshmallow is from Church St Enoteca in Melbourne!
And my Goodness! Those high heels should be considered a health hazard in the kitchen! What if they fall over carrying a boiling pot of stock, hmmm, maybe the producers thought that would be hilarious if that actually happened!

Update February 15, 2012: OK, first thing first, wow, wow, wow, totally did not expect Nic and Rocco to be so professional in their kitchen and cooked so well on Monday night. I also noticed they had recipes to refer to which dispelled my theory that they are not allowed to have printed recipes on hand when they cooked…
  Trio of seafood – potato string prawns, sashimi tuna, scallop And chorizo stack (Nic & Rocco)
  Signature roast with röschti, chilli broccolini and brandy jus (Nic & Rocco)
  Gâtéau opera with gold leaf and affogato (Nic & Rocco)

Now to tonight’s episode from Gary and Peter, I think the scores from the other teams were justified! If I have to wait three hours for my main (and what did they do in the 3-hour prep time, I ask?), I would have walked out of the restaurant long before that, meaning I would not have tasted their main and dessert, no matter how good they were! So the main and dessert would have been zero score for both! So let say I gave 6/10 for the entree, seeing that the amount of mustard would have overtook the flavour of the dish, 0/10 for main and 0/10 for dessert (as I would have already walked out of the restaurant and could not care less about the main and dessert), the average from me would be 2/10! In fact I would say the other teams scored them quite generously! I also don’t see them lasting long in the competition if they are going to take so long to cook once the time factor comes into consideration in the Kitchen HQ. On the other hand I love the WA scientist couple, especially Andrew, from Group 2, they are so funny and kept me entertained every episode in this group, hope they go a long way…
  Pork and prawn bean curd skin rolls in oyster sauce (Carly & Emily)
  Tea-smoked quail, pork-fried snake beans and steamed rice (Carly & Emily)
  Steamed malay cake with ginger mascarpone cream and ginger syrup (Carly & Emily)

My Kitchen Rules draws 1.9 million

Update February 19, 2012: Hahaha, 6 more episodes of instant restaurant round for the worst performers from the first 2 rounds! In the first series, I turned off the show after the first few episodes; last year I half-heartedly watched a few episodes of the instant restaurant rounds. So why am I so hooked this year? Because I changed my mindset. I am approaching this series as if I was watching The Amazing Race (which is my other favourite) rather than a cooking show! Once I do not care about their cooking ability, I actually enjoy this first part of the competition. But when a team like Nic and Rocco turned up, that became a bonus, so a win-win situation! I am also glad that there has not been tears peppered across every episode which made for so much more enjoyable viewing; take note MasterChef Australia!

Update February 20, 2012: Ok, I’m confused! From what I’ve read, contestants submitted sets of recipes to the producers prior to the competition, then they received the set that needed to be cooked the night before – well how accurate this info is I’m not sure. But if this is true, I assume in this third round, the recipes they used would still be from the initial sets that they submitted, wouldn’t they? Surely they could not come up with new recipes after the first two rounds (as those three from the second round would be at a distinct disadvantage as they would have less time to come up with new recipes, unless they were filmed at the same time as the first group…)? If so, the criticism from tonight’s episode that Tom and Carla did not learn from the first round and the entree and main were both too complicated like their first round’s menu was confounding. Well they would be, wouldn’t they, as all the recipes they submitted initially would be complicated before the feedbacks, and again they would have no other choices as the producers would have chosen the set of menu they submitted for them to cook for this round! Hahaha, maybe the producers purposedly chose the most complicated menu for them to cook to create drama? Well I am certainly not a fan of this couple, but the inconsistency has me perplexed! If they were able to change their (or come up with new) recipes after the feedback from their first round, and with no interference from the producers, that would make much more sense???? LOL, I’m thinking too much…

February 20, 2012, Ep 13 recap: Thomas & Carla
February 21, 2012, Ep 14 recap: Simon & Meg
February 22, 2012, Ep 15 recap: Megan & Andy
February 23, 2012, Ep 16 recap: Emma & Andrew

TV Ratings: Top 20 Programmes Feb 19 – Feb 25, 2012

February 27, 2012, Ep 17 recap: David & Scott
February 28, 2012, Ep 18 recap: Peter & Gary + Elimination #1
February 29, 2012, Ep 19 recap: Bed & Breakfast Challenge in The Blue Mountains

  Blueberry brioche cup with labneh yoghurt (Carly & Emily)
  Mediterranean pancakes with fig compote and yoghurt cream (Helen & Steve)
  Slow-cooked eggs and green sauce (Leigh & Jennifer)

March 1, 2012, Ep 20 recap: Chicken Challenge & Salt and Pepper Challenge

Seven to air MKR five nights a week
TV Ratings: Top 20 Programmes Feb 26 – Mar 3, 2012

March 5, 2012, Ep 21 recap: Elimination #2
March 6, 2012, Ep 22 recap: Street Food in Melbourne CBD
  Mezze platter with lamb souvlaki (Helen & Steve)
  Thai green chicken curry with rice and roti bread (Carly & Emily)
  Pork tortilla with salsa and cheesy corn (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Mediterranean club sandwich with chicken raosted vegetables and prosciutto (David & Scott)
  Profiteroles with chocolate and strawberries (Nic & Rocco)

March 7, 2012, Ep 23 recap: Trust Challenge & Character Challenge
  Thai cured salmon salad with raw vegetables (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Whiting with smashed potatoes (Simon & Meg)
  Chocolate volcano cake with strawberry coulis (Megan & Andy)
  Herb printed ravioli with sage butter sauce, pancetta and asparagus (Nic & Rocco)
  Fettuccine with tomato, salami and fennel sauce (Justine & Angela)

Update March 8, 2012: OMG, what a hilarious episode! I have not laughed so much for a long time when those plates of carrots on a pool of sick arrived at the judges table. And as if that was not enough comedy, Gary pulled out the tray of custard tarts from the oven that looked so wrong, I was rolling on the floor! Have to say will miss the antics from the delusional Peter and Gary, they have made the show so entertaining after the WA scientists left. The commentaries from them were surely a setup by the producers though as they were done after the challenge, they must have been asked to talk themselves up for the promos after their disastrous night in the kitchen…

March 8, 2012, Ep 24 recap: Elimination #3
  Dumplings with red chinese vinegar and ginger (Carly & Emily)
  Steamed rock ling with ginger and soy, snow pea leaves and steamed rice (Carly & Emily)
  Black rice pudding with mango and coconut mousse (Carly & Emily)

TV Ratings: Top 20 Programmes Mar 4 – Mar 10, 2012

March 11, 2012, Ep 25 recap: Sugar Challenge at Ingham, North Queensland
  Banana tartlet with mascarpone cream and praline (David & Scott)
  Tropical fruit and custard tarts (Nic & Rocco)
  Dark chocolate cupcakes with cookies and butter cream (Thomas & Carla)
  Ginger wafer with white chocolate cream and tropical fruits (Leigh & Jennifer)
  White chocolate caramel mudcakes with brandy snaps (Simon & Meg)
  Choc honeycomb cheesecake cones (Carly & Emily)

March 12, 2012, Ep 26 recap: Camping Challenge in the Daintree, North Queensland
  Prawn, scallop and avocado salad with chilli mayo (Simon & Meg)
  Blueberry mahalabia with strawberry sugar syrup and yoghurt (Helen & Steve)
  Passion fruit brulée tartlet with drunken pineapple (Carly & Emily)

March 13, 2012, Ep 27 recap: Elimination #4
March 14, 2012, Ep 28 recap: Easter Seafood Challenge
  Tarator crusted whole salmon (Leigh & Jennifer)
March 15, 2012, Ep 29 recap: Love to Hate Challenge & Chocolate Challenge
  Sardines escabeche (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Chicken liver with mashed potato and brandy cream sauce (Justine & Angela)
  Chocolate rum delight (Nic & Rocco)
  Chocolate mousse cake (David & Scott)
  Bittersweet chocolate cake (Carly & Emily)

  Tartelettes À L’oignon Et Au Bacon / Onion & Bacon Tartlets (Manu Feildel)
  Quiche Lorraine (Manu Feildel)

MKR’s Thomas comes clean on cooking experience
Still hungry on the third serving

TV Ratings: Top 20 Programmes Mar 11 – Mar 17, 2012

March 18, 2012, Ep 30 recap: Elimination #5
  Rabbit stifado (Helen & Steve)
  Orange cake trifle with citrus syrup and vanilla custard (Helen & Steve)
  Individual cherry and chocolate cake (Simon & Meg)

March 19, 2012, Ep 31 recap: Mince Challenge & Elimination #6
  Pasta with pork and fennel meatballs (Nic & Rocco)
  Beef and lamb dumplings (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Thai pork-stuffed omelettes (Carly & Emily)
  Coral trout with crab, prawn and asparagus (Megan & Andy)

March 20, 2012, Ep 32 recap: Cheese Challenge & Elimination #7
  Four-cheese ravioli with homemade pesto (Carly & Emily)
  Gözleme with cypriot rocket salad (Helen & Steve)
  Mulloway with celeriac purée and beurre rouge (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Lobster with basil gnocchi (David & Scott)

March 21, 2012, Ep 33 recap: Citrus Challenge & Elimination #8
  Orange and chocolate surprise with filo cigar (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Cajun jambalaya (Megan & Andy)

March 22, 2012, Ep 34 recap: Chilli Challenge & Showcase Dish
  Chicken and prawn laksa (Carly & Emily)
  Chilli prawns (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Massaman curry with roti and pickled salad (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Duck two ways – peking duck pancakes and duck san choy bau (Carly & Emily)
  French Macaroons (Nic & Rocco)

TV Ratings: Top 20 Programmes Mar 18 – Mar 24, 2012

March 25, 2012, Ep 35 recap: Semi-Final 1
  Seafood chowder served in a cob loaf (Megan & Andy)
  Confit murray cod with spring onion, ginger and fennel (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Chocolate and earl grey tart (Leigh & Jennifer)

March 26, 2012, Ep 36 recap: Semi-Final 2
  Dukkah crusted scallops with beetroot and goat’s cheese salad (Carly & Emily)
  Duck confit with duck neck sausage, white bean puree and fennel salad (Carly & Emily)
  Persian love cakes with panna cotta and fresh figs (Carly & Emily)
  Birds nest pasta (Nic & Rocco)
  King george whiting, shellfish mousseline and champagne sauce (Nic & Rocco)
  Dolci misti (Nic & Rocco)

Update March 27, 2012: Congratulations to Leigh and Jennifer who have won the 2012 My Kitchen Rules Title! They totally deserved it because they have been the most consistent team and cooked a wide varieties of dishes from different cuisines.
March 27, 2012, Ep 37 recap: Grand Final
  Seared moroccan tuna and cured salmon (Nic & Rocco)
  Bug tails with fennel purée and chorizo essence (Nic & Rocco)
  Crab congee (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Scallops in XO sauce (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Quail, barberry and quinoa (Leigh & Jennifer)
  Wagyu beef ribs with bone marrow and cauliflower purée (Leigh & Jennifer)

TV Ratings: Top 20 Programmes Mar 25 – Mar 31, 2012

Channel Seven’s My Kitchen Rules sold format to the US



  1. Well, I GOT IT!! The minute I saw Leigh and Jennifer plating up that dessert I was on it!! (their’s wasnt good) I love how the Princess said “her mother used to make it”… clearly she saw it on the Masterchef segment (copy cat- wanna be!!)

    Comment by kitchen goddess — February 8, 2012 @ 2:53 pm | Reply

    • LOL, that was funny when she said that, you could see she hesitated for a moment before she answered…

      Comment by SeaDragon — February 8, 2012 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

  2. will there be an investigation as to how glass was introduced into a soup dishbest wishes to all LASH

    Comment by LASH — February 21, 2012 @ 3:46 pm | Reply

    • That was odd, wasn’t it? Don’t know if there will be any investigation… But from the MKR forums, someone thought it was actually a piece of broken plastic from the blender they used, as they had the same experience using that exact same brand of blender. Another theory was that it was a chip from Andy’s glass that had dropped into the soup?

      Comment by SeaDragon — February 21, 2012 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

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