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July 29, 2011

Poh’s Kitchen 2 (2011)

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Good news, the long awaited second series of Poh’s Kitchen is finally returning to TV according to TV Tonight, but it will be a short series this year. ABC1 will premiere the second series called Poh’s Kitchen On the Road at 8pm on Wednesday, August 24. The first episode will be Cowboys of the Sea with guests Tony Ford, Bob Ford and Lester Marshall.

Poh’s Interview on 3AW with Denis Walter

Ep 1 Wednesday August 24, 2011: Cowboys of The Sea
Tuna Carpaccio Asian-Style with Nashi Pear
Crayfish Sandwiches with Seared Abalone and Crisps (Tony Ford)
Crayfish Tail with Polenta, Abalone and Roast Capsicum (Tony Ford)
Crayfish Bisque (Tony Ford)
Crayfish Cold Rolls (Tony Ford)
Crayfish Dumplings (Tony Ford)
Crayfish Wonton Cones (Tony Ford)
Crumbed Oysters with Lime and Wasabi Mayonnaise
Lime and Wasabi Mayonnaise

Ep 2 Wednesday August 31, 2011: Tasmanian Flour
Sourdough with Stone-Ground Flour (Graham Prichard)
Puff Pastry with Goat’s Milk Ice-Cream and Peaches (Alistair Wise)
Goat’s Milk Ice-Cream (Alistair Wise)
Bagels with Swiss Cheese and Pastrami

Has anyone found the close-up, I mean extreme close-up, camera shots of faces in this series of the show annoying and a complete turn-off? It is also very nauseating to watch and giving me dizzying headache everytime. They really spoiled the show for me this year, what a shame…

Ep 3 Wednesday September 7, 2011: Singapore
Potato Salad with Mustard and Dill (Andre Chiang)
Green Papaya Salad with Avocado

Ep 4 Wednesday, September 14, 2011: One Magic Bowl
Smoked Trout Chowder with Cockles and Mulloway (Billy Dohnt)
Snapper Broth with Squid, Fennel, Orange and Chorizo (Glen and Brett Worrall)
Stir-fried Cockles with Brown Bean Sauce

Ep 5 Wednesday, September 21, 2011: Beer in The Alps
Eye Fillet with Bone Marrow Butter (Anthony Simone)
Chicken and Leek with Beer
Spring Rolls with Mushrooms

Ep 6 Wednesday, September 28, 2011: Outback Lamb
Blinman Lamb Pizza with Salsa and Tzatziki (Tony Cutri)
Tandoori Style Lamb with Fresh Mint and Coconut Chutney (Jamie McTaggart)
White Sauce
Moussaka with Kefalograviera
Spicy Lamb Sausage with Cucumber and Tomato Salsa

Ep 7 Wednesday, October 5, 2011: Sydney Outdoors
Muesli Maple Crunch with Wattle Seeds (Sarah Glover)
Rice Paper Rolls with Duck and Banana Flower (Nahji Chu)
Pohs Chewy Anzacs with Fruit and Nuts
Crystal Skin Purses with Yam Bean Filling

Ep 8 Wednesday, October 12, 2011: Tastes of Thailand
Khao Soi / Spicy Noodle Soup
Bon Gai Nung / Chicken and Grilled Chilli Relish (Dylan Jones)
Nam Prik Ong / Pork and Tomato Relish (Yui / Siripen Sryabhaya)

Ep 9 Wednesday, October 19, 2011: The King of Islands
Kefir with Elderflower
Cheese Souffle with Smoked Cheddar
Cheddar Crusted Apple Pie

Ep 10 Wednesday, October 26, 2011: Too Much Coffee
Baklava with Lebanese Coffee (Lynette Sawaya)
Grilled Kingfish Head with Tagarashi (Benjamin Cooper)
Cup Cakes with Lime and Hazelnut

Ep 11 Wednesday, November 2, 2011: Wild Beef
Beef and Bush Tomatoes in Potato Towers (Florian Johnen)
Sirloin Steak with Kapok Flowers and Pepper (Tara Johnson)
Boab Stir Fry
Boab Pickle

Ep 12 Wednesday, November 9, 2011: Chocolate and Cake
Beetroot, Coffee and Cocoa (Hadleigh Troy)
Fudgy Pink Forest Cake with Chocolate Trees

Ep 13 Wednesday, November 16, 2011: The Far Far North (final episode for 2011)
Snow Eggs with Coconut and Pineapple (Nick Holloway)
Chinese Smoked Eel with Jellyfish Salad
Creme Caramel with Vanilla Pod


  1. Hey, love the show, but has this Dame got a first name?

    Comment by myles paulsen — October 5, 2011 @ 3:21 pm | Reply

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