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October 21, 2010

The Mini Cookbook Collection

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Mission accomplished! Got all ten of the mini cookbooks.

Is anyone else as mad as I am and collecting these AUD$2.95 each mini cookbooks that come with the Herald Sun (in Victoria) newspapers daily? I know it is a gimmick to sell newspapers but I do find these small cookbooks irresistible! I intend to collect most of them, if not all. They are so handy in their small sizes to use, instead of lugging a heavy cookbook around in the kitchen when trying out recipes.
So far, yesterday and today respectively I’ve got Jamie Oliver’s and Stephanie Alexander’s (Stephanie’s original cookbook costs over AUD$100) and each one got 25 selected recipes from their respective books. I’m already happy with Jamie’s mini book because it contains the one recipe that I most wanted to try which is the Swedish Blueberry Buns from his Jamie Does… series. Although most of the 25 recipes in his mini cookbook from the series are already available from his website but having them in a compact book is so much better than printing off pages online and then maybe losing or misplacing them later on. Also Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden Companion mini book has a few recipes in there that look delicious that I want to try as well.
Definitely good values for money if you haven’t got those cookbooks in their original size. Still to come for the next 8 days are the mini books from Donna Hay (Seasons), Guy Grossi (Secrets & Recipes), Matt Moran (When I Get Home), Maggie Beer (Maggie’s Kitchen), Tobie Puttock (Daily Italian), Kylie Kwong (Simple Chinese Cooking), Gary Mehigan (Comfort Food) and Belinda Jeffery (Mix & Bake).

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