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February 2, 2010

My Kitchen Rules (2010)

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A new year, a new cooking competition show. This is the show that 7 rushed into production after the phenomenal success of MasterChef Australia on ten last year. It is based on the axed My Restaurant Rules from a few years ago, with a slight name change to My Kitchen Rules.
I was never a fan of My Restaurant Rules, didn’t think I even watched a full episode… So without much expectation, I watched the first episode of My Kitchen Rules last night. I thought it was a complete rip-off of Come Dine With Me but without the witty commentary. It was also so slow and dull, halfway through I switched over to watch The Big Bang Theory instead… I think the problem was that there was no head-to-head competition, so there was no tension, or excitment at all from a viewer perspective. I would rather watch a proper cooking show if that’s the case, at least there I can watch the full recipe being made – hint hint Poh’s Kitchen debuts 6:30pm Wednesday February 10 on ABC1. In the meantime, I’ll just watch bits and pieces of it when there’s nothing else to watch and if there are good recipes to collect from the show. I will wait for MasterChef Australia to return in about 3 months’ time for my full commitment…

Below are the links to the dessert recipes:

Ep 1 February 1, 2010 Lime Cheesecake from Team NSW, didn’t get the score as I missed most of the second half of the show, anyone knows? I only heard something about inconsistency and underbaked when I switched over during ad break… (Update: Crikey, is 7 trying to kill off the show? It seemed like everytime I turned on the TV over the weekend, 7 is repeating the show, not only on 7 but also on 7TWO! Anyway so that’s how I got the score, 8/10 from Manu and 7/10 from Pete.)

Ep 2 February 2, 2010 Baked Chocolate Mousse Cake from Team VIC, scoring a 10/10 from Pete and 9/10 from Manu – worth keeping. Please note that the recipe given above was not CORRECT (wrong instructions), it has since been revised but at the same time, it has been discovered that they stole the recipe from The River Cafe in London which is one of their famous desserts, Chocolate Nemesis without giving any credit to The River Cafe!

Below is an extract from The Daily Telegraph from February 25, 2010
IN an unfolding scandal dubbed “pudding-gate”, fans are livid after an incorrect chocolate cake recipe was posted on the My Kitchen Rules website.

The network has confirmed a recipe for chocolate cake posted on the My Kitchen Rules website has the wrong preparation instructions, leaving fans at boiling point and demanding Seven reimburse them for costly wasted ingredients.

The My Kitchen Rules Facebook fan page and official online forums have been inundated with comments from viewers who spent up to $40 on the recommended “best quality possible” ingredients for Clint and Noah’s chocolate mousse cake, only for it to emerge as an unsalvageable “choc sludge”.

A Yahoo7! representative, who labelled the debacle “choc-gate”, said the dish was in fact prepared differently on the show and confirmed the cooking method, cooling time and pan size as advised in the recipe were all incorrect.

Meanwhile, the fans have their own labels, calling it “the fake chocolate cake” and “the @#**% chocolate cake fiasco”.

Ep 3 February 8, 2010 Panna Cotta from Team QLD, scoring 7/10 from both the judges, what the – their panna cotta separated into two layers! The credibility of the two judges just went down the drain for me. They were not panna cotta anymore, just some sort of custard sitting on top of a layer of jelly, even if they were still edible! I thought they were scoring on the dessert being panna cotta, not something else… I wonder if the judges would serve that in their respective restaurants and called them panna cotta?

Ep 4 February 9, 2010 from Team WA

As expected, this show has turned into a farce, should be renamed My Bitching Rules with so much bitching and calamity going on. The cooking has turned so abysmal, I am wondering if the producers cast the teams for their ability for bitchiness rather than their cooking ability. The scoring system is also so flawed, with the team at the bottom trying to give low score to lift themselves up! The scores should have been kept secret from the teams so they don’t know where they stand in the leaderboard! So will not update recipes anymore unless someone actually cook something half decent good!

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