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February 2, 2010

My Kitchen Rules (2010)

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A new year, a new cooking competition show. This is the show that 7 rushed into production after the phenomenal success of MasterChef Australia on ten last year. It is based on the axed My Restaurant Rules from a few years ago, with a slight name change to My Kitchen Rules.
I was never a fan of My Restaurant Rules, didn’t think I even watched a full episode… So without much expectation, I watched the first episode of My Kitchen Rules last night. I thought it was a complete rip-off of Come Dine With Me but without the witty commentary. It was also so slow and dull, halfway through I switched over to watch The Big Bang Theory instead… I think the problem was that there was no head-to-head competition, so there was no tension, or excitment at all from a viewer perspective. I would rather watch a proper cooking show if that’s the case, at least there I can watch the full recipe being made – hint hint Poh’s Kitchen debuts 6:30pm Wednesday February 10 on ABC1. In the meantime, I’ll just watch bits and pieces of it when there’s nothing else to watch and if there are good recipes to collect from the show. I will wait for MasterChef Australia to return in about 3 months’ time for my full commitment…

Below are the links to the dessert recipes:

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